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Hakuto comes from Tiedo Kera'Jat, an underground tribe of Anadi that specializes in exploration (altough recently it's been more like guided tours). Their home can be found in the deep parts of the mountains, with caves and grottos leading from various surface entrances to lost temples where ancient lore was discovered and recovered. There are various families in the tribe, usually consisting of Anadi of the same heritage, but the entire thing creates one big web of a family. Altough this tribe is known for gathering knowledge, their primal nature is still strong, granting most tribesmen ability to speak Skittertalk, a primal tonque of the spiders.

Hakuto was one of the guides, but coming from a family of polychromatic Anadi they were expected, and succesfully taught, to perform, specifically with their staff which they incorporate into current fighting style.

With a knack for collecting information, hakuto felt limited in the Old World, where there was little to collect.

There is an old tale in the tribe, one that was passed through oral traditions among the Tiedo. They would speak of a story of an expedition that would venture deep into the mountain, one that could never come back home, and that Tiedo were descendants of those explorers, though they are so old they are no more than children stories now. Is this New World perhaps one that they speak of, is it just a story, or is it perhaps yet another world?

Hakuto was always curious about it, wondering about that old tale, if there's more to it. With the news of the New World, that curiosity grew stronger.

In search of both future and past, they chose to travel through the portal, with a promise to Nethys that they will do their best to learn what they can, in exchange for a blessing of divine magic.

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A village of the Kobolds from the The Watchers' Tribe who were exiled due to their mysterious leprosy.