1. Wydarzenia

Arrival Of The Dragonlords



One fateful day, a flight of powerful dragons arrived on Thylea’s shores, each bearing a great champion from the Old World. These were the legendary warriors known as the Dragonlords, and they heralded an upheaval that would forever change the history of the Forgotten Land. Within just a few years of their arrival, many small cities were founded, and a half-dozen small kingdoms sprang up along the roads of the western reaches. The Dragonlords founded powerful dynasties, and the humble mortals who had once lived in terror of the Titans now abandoned their temples and stood tall.

The Dragonlords were symbols of hope for a beleaguered people. Whenever any mortal settlement was razed to the ground by roving centaurs and cyclopes, the Dragonlords would repay the attackers in kind. Through harsh winters, blistering summers, and relentless assaults by the native races, the Dragonlords fought tirelessly, and the people of Thylea persevered. Everywhere the dragons were greeted with shouts of adulation. When spotted flying overhead, they would be hailed as saviors, and great songs and feasts would be held in their honor. They were radiant to behold, bronze scales gleaming like fire. To be visited by one of the dragons was to be blessed; and nowhere was more blessed than the City of Mytros.

Some have claimed that they were manifestations of Thylea’s own desire to protect her immigrant children. They took the form of mortal men and women, but their eyes were alight with the fire of divinity. Each of these new gods manifested some portion of the power that had once belonged to the Titans. Pythor, the Lord of Battle, took command of the centurions of Mytros and, after many gruesome battles, the armies of the native races were broken. When the final spear had been thrust into the heart of the Gygan King, the Five Gods fell into a torpor, apparently to recover their strength. The city, it seemed, was safe.

But Sydon and Lutheria swore vengeance. The mountains shook, the seas boiled with rage, and spine-chilling nightmares descended upon the mortal armies. Such was the anger of the Titans that their retaliation threatened to sunder the very foundations of Thylea. In the end, Mytros, the goddess of dawn, sacrificed herself and ascended once more to the heavens in order to rescue her beloved city from destruction. But the great powers that ruled Thylea grew jealous. Sydon and Lutheria, the Twin Titans, immortal children of the mother goddess, amassed great armies to eradicate the city. The Dragonlords responded by gathering all the mortals in Thylea into a united assault on the native races, and so began the First War.