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Arasatra's Staff of Wonder

Abreau's Quests


Quest Hook

Abreau Maneision has finally found ''the key'' to access the demi-plane of the deceased wizard Merialeth Arasatra. He wants to go in and get her most treasured possession. He only wants that ONE thing,  a magical item called ''Arasatra's staff of wonder'' and the rest can go to the adventurers if they agree to accompany him on the mission.

The Party
@nomnom64 as Shiol (3)
@Wildehide as Rashad (4)
@my1 Raymin as Raymin (4)
@Bradley :\ as Cal Kastor (4)


On the way to the demi-plane's location in Trollbark Forest, the party found a body attached to a tree with a Tarokka card on it. The body seemed to have been there for less than a month, but over a week. The card on the body was representing ''The Beggar''. After investigating the area, there didn't seem to be anyone else in the area.

The party took the card and continued their journey to Trollbark Forest without any further issue. Once they arrived at the location indicated by Abreau Maneision, he performed a short ''ritual'' with the ''key'' and opened the portal to the demiplane. The party entered and started looting through the chests in the first area, attempting to disarm any trap they could find.

Later, they entered a room with six mephits and fought them until each started exploding on each other and the party.

Then, in the next room, the party found a creature seemingly imprisoned. She asked the party to find her magical gems in order to free her, using her charms to attempt to incite them to do so.

The party gives a non-committal answer, then continues to investigate further into what seems to have been the bedroom of the deceased wizard Arasatra. There, they find the magical gems the creature had been talking about. Throughout the demiplane, the party also found peculiar tablets with inscriptions on them. Using the tablets, they revealed a secret area where Arasatra's Staff of Wonder was hidden. From the various notes and diary they found, the party learned that Arasatra bound a succubus who had seduced and killed her boyfriend. It was part of Arasatra's revenge for this succubus to have bound this succubus knowing that she would be bound there even after she'd pass.

As they were about to leave, the succubus charmed Cal and he agreed to free her. Upon being freed, she attacked the party, nearly killing Cal, but he managed to survive. The party then defeated the succubus, but as she died, her body disappeared, leaving nothing behind, but foul ichor. It seems like Arasatra's revenge was more short lived than expected, but in the end, the party was successful in what they were here for: obtaining Arasatra's Staff of Wonder which is in fact, a staff of flower that Arasatra had been given by her boyfriend before he passed.

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