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Chapter 3 - Gulp's Goodies Galore!! (The Hand of Umberlee)




Donations to Umberlee: None at the beginning of the third night. (Donation total for the travel: 3 gp).

During Sorrel's watch, everything is quiet - aside from Sorrel himself - who has decided to cause mayhem on the ship once again.

Ivinka's watch is actually quiet, now that Sorrel has gone to bed.

During Kingswell's watch, he noticed the cloud started to darken and gather, smothering the moonlight. The wind began to push against the ship, no longer playfully, but with gathering strength. The air grew thick with salt. A strong gale carried the promise of nothing but hardship and an uncertainty one could make it out unscathed. However, this wasn't the first storm Kingswell Cooper had encountered. Quickly, he pulled out a blade and cut the ropes that attached MooMoo, the Brilliantly ''Spitshined'' Golden Cow, to the front of the ship and offered it to the Wavemother. It seemed to please her, as the sea quieted down a few minutes later. She had decided the offering was sufficient and the ship could continue to sail peacefully.

Rickard woke up some time later, completely drenched, having slept outside in the safety boat during the storm and Rex was woken up at that time by Kingswell for his watch. The Rex-Rick watch was quiet.



Sorrel succesfully helps Captain Leonardo Kindhart navigating the seas, optimizing their route and allowing for the party to arrive at their location during the afternoon of the fourth day.

Brilliant Jim was attempting to pray for Umberlee to protect their ship by waving his hands in the air and yelling ''Bitch Queen, don't break our ship!!!''

Kingswell approached brilliant Jim and made him cut his palm so that it bled in the sea whilst reciting a prayer:

''Great Umberlee you demand my fear,

And my fear I give to you,

Great Umberlee you demand my penitence,

And My penitence I shall serve,

Great Umberlee you demand my obedience,

I obey you with the heart of my heart,

Great Umberlee, and you demand my sacrifice,

Everything I have and everything I am is yours to claim.

Brilliant Jim continued waving at the water, making droplets of blood fly out to the sea. Then when he was done reciting the prayer, he started pacing on the ship and licking the wound on his hand to try to heal it.

 - - -

Having arrived at the location, Rex scouted out the area and found out a place where the bottom of the ocean seemed to go much deeper than they would expect. Armed with their abilities to swim and breathe underwater for some, and with the potions of water breathing for others - as well as pressure capsule of a ''narratively convenient'' duration - since the item didn't have an actual duration at the time of the session - for all, the party dove in the waves and sunk (literally for Rickard who attached a ball and chain to himself so that he would go faster), beneath the ocean. After over an hour, they reached what appeared to be some sort of underwater temple, although the entrance had been blocked by boulders. There were some stones marked with ''Gulp's Goodies Galore'' and an arrow indicating to go to the left of the sunken building.

The party followed the indication and found another rock marked ''Ring for service'' with a bell nearby. Surprisingly, the bell's ring could be heard underwater as if it had been rung on the surface. The party waited for a while, but nothing happened other than Rex seeing a large shadow swimming inside the building. They started making more and more noise until a large eel with an immense mouth came, bringing a Locathah along in its mouth, and spitting it out near the party. The area between the Locathah and the party was separated by a translucent glass. The Locathah seemed to be thinking the eel was playing a trick on him, but soon enough realized there were customers for him. He seemed to go from a lethargic state, to a state of pure joy and excitement.

The Locathah introduced himself as Gulp, owner of the Gulp's Goodies Galore!! He offered the party to sell them a few things if they were interested and he also tried to interest them into playing into Gulp's Treasure Hunt. He kept going on and on about his wares and his treasure hunt, but forgot to invite the party inside. Rickard got tired of waiting outside the temple and started banging on the glass, attempting to break it. Gulp started panicking, not wanting his things to be broken. The party calmed Rickard down, and Gulp sent some creatures that he called ''Gulpy Eels'' to escort the party inside. The smallest of the Gulpy Eels was named ''Gulpy'' and seemed to be Gulp's favorite.


The party listened to Gulp's story, learning that he had been a slave to Sahuagin beforehand and that he was trying to raise money so that he could hire adventurers to help him find his old community of Locathah that he lived with before being captured. The party offered Gulp to follow them back to Hawthorne, where there was a plan of building an Underwater District, which would make it a nice place for him to stay. He could potentially have adventurers go and find his community, and they could also move there as well! That idea made Gulp very happy.

After looking through Gulp's ware, and trying some of it - summoning a giant octopus while doing so - the party elected to purchase all of his magical items. As a thanks for being such friendly customers, Gulp offered to add on a few of his personal belongings that may interest the party. The party also decided to participate in the Treasure Hunt, and took the option to pay to get hints as to the location. With the ''pay to win'' system as well as the high perception and investigation skills of the party, the treasures were found very quickly. Gulp was absolutely impressed and happy that these customers participated in the treasure hunt. They were the fastest group ever! (But also the only group that ever participated since no one else ever visited his shop, since it was such a remote area.)

The party asked Gulp about the ''hand'' and if he knew anything about it. He tried to find some information in things that he had, but couldn't find anything until Gulpy brought a bandolier with a golden buckle with an unreadable inscription on it. Gulp told the party that when he first came here, there were bodies of weresharks and signs of battles. The temple had been completely ravaged long before he got there. Along with all the magical items he found, he also found this bandolier, he thought it was shiny and had decided to give it to Gulpy who instantly became his friend after that.

Upon seeing the bandolier, Kingswell found it to be strangely familiar. This reminded him of home. The party figured that since there was the belonging of someone that was potentially from Skaug in the temple, they may as well head there and see if they could find that mysterious individual.

The party decided to bring back Gulp, Gulpy and the giant octopus. They filled the safety boat with water so that Gulpy and the octopus could be in the water, and Gulp dove in the water with Rex once in a while so that he wouldn't suffocate on the surface.

The party traveled towards Skaug, Kingswell was finally returning home after so long. Who knows what they would discover on this strange journey?

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