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Chapter 2 - Choppy Waters (The Hand of Umberlee)



The party wakes up and prepares to set sail. Before departure, Kingswell Cooperdecides it would be wise to purchase two cows and two horses as well as a 1000 gp golden cow statuette.

The party has to travel for about 4-5 days before reaching the intended location; 50 miles east of Irphong.


Donations to Umberlee: A total of 1 gp given by Rex and 20 sp given by the crew has been donated as a worship to Umberlee. (Donation total for the travel: 3 gp).

During the traveling, Sorrel'Svidal Farri is compelled by his own nature to create discord on the ship and switching things around to annoy people and cause them to fight with each other. Kingswell notices Sorrel and orders him to behave.

Regardless, Sorrel cannot behave and ends up arguing with a pirate, telling him he smells dirty. The pirate tries to taunt Sorrel in a fight, but Sorrel ends up walking away.

Meanwhile, Rickard plays Tic Tac Toe against Brilliant Jim. It becomes clear to Rickard that ''Brilliant'' Jim has no idea what he's doing.

After scolding Sorrel, Kingswell goes to talk to one crew member about their captain, trying to get more insight since he doesn't seem to ''fit'' with the crew. The crew member responds with a non committal answer and gazes at the distance for a while, with a wistful look on his face. He then walks away mumbling something to himself with some sort of guilt/sadness in his voice.

The party asks about Brilliant Jim, and they learn that he was never bright to begin with, but that a few years ago, he also ended up managing to light himself on fire at see and another crew member tried to help him ''remove'' the fire by trying to knock it with the pommel of his scimitar, hitting Jim on the head multiple times before other crew members brought water to actually extinguish the fire. After learning that story, Kingswell asks Brilliant Jim to assist him by spit shining the golden cow, which he does happily, always eager to help.

Later on in the late evening, Kingswell meets with the captain and requests to see a map to see where Irphong is. He notices that it is in the region of the Nelanther Isles, and not so far away from Skaug, where he comes from. Upon seeing this, Kingswell remembers his father, who was also a sailor in the past, telling him a story about an island which was cursed. It fit with the story Captain Leonardo Kindhart had also heard. An island which is said to curse any ship who would come too close to its shores, making it so they would sing within a tenday. When Kingswell leaves, Herman tries to hide in Captain Kindhart's room, but the knife he he was reflecting the light of a candle, and Captain Kindhart noticed Herman, but didn't recognize him. He figured a crab with a knife wasn't something he wanted to walk around his ship, so he threw Hermanoverboard.

During their night watch, as Rex and Rickard talk about sailing, the guild missions always being so deadly and the good time spent with the outlaws, Rickard notices a whale further away in the distance. They both contemplate getting closer and attempt to ride it, but decide against it. Nothing else of note happens.

While on his watch, Sorrel causes more discord, nothing happens.

While on her watch, Ivinka paces around the ship, nothing happens.



Donations to Umberlee: None (Total donations for the travel: 3gp)

Rex Underhand spends some time during the day surveying underneath the ship, trying to prevent any issues from arising while Kingswell makes comment about keelhauling whenever he can.

Sorrel'Svidal Farri spends some time with Captain Leonardo Kindhartto study the map and attempt to figure out the most optimal route. (Success: 1 Failure: 0 - if 3 successes, the travel will take 4 days instead of 5, unless something else delays them.)

Kingswell asks to sail the ship, but Captain Leonardo Kindhartdeclines for now, wanting to ensure they follow the route he has established with the help of Sorrel and optimize their route.

Brilliant Jim licks the Tic Tac Toe away, because he finds spit to be more effective at cleaning things, and perhaps he will be able to ''absorb the knowledge'' and finally beat Rickard.

Ivinka tries to use her charms on Captain Leonardo Kindhartas suggested by Kingswell Cooper, but he doesn't seem interested. This makes Ivinka believe he isn't interested in women.

Sorrel, unable to stay calm, chases people around the ship and tries to create more discord whenever he can.

During the first watches, nothing happens and the sea is calm, but in the third watch, Sorrel's watch, an enormous shadow appears underneath the boat, following it for hours. Over time, the crew members become somewhat unresponsive for a while, then begin to walk as if they were wanting to jump in the water and Sorrel begins to notice something is wrong as he begins to feel a strong headache and uneasy feeling. Strange black birds with purple and yellow lines on their feathers begin soaring above the ship. Sorrel attempts to figure things out on his own, but realizes he may be in too deep, so decides to whistle and wake the party.

Once the party is awoken, they come to check out the strange darkness underneath the ship, and the party members with devil's sight are able to see through it, and notice multiple small black creatures with purple and yellow designs on their skin. Kingswell dispatches a few by swooping them away with an anchor, Sorrel does the same, but uses himself and his weapon as the anchor, Rex and Rickard shoot and blast some others and Ivinka creates dark tentacles coming out of a void to give the bad touch to the creatures.

After dispatching almost all of them, the remaining ones skitter underneath the water and the strange birds also dive in the water. Soon enough, two gargantuan tentacles come out of the water and attempts to attack the party. Kingswell remembers of a story told by his father, of strange creatures in the sea whose mere presence would dehydrate a flesh body very quickly, giving them strong headaches. When that would happen, it would then attempt to charm them and  make them believe that jumping in the water to drink the ocean water would be the only way to survive. Then, once a flesh creature would be charmed in that way, it would slowly drain the water around it and swallow everything it could whole. The party begins attacking back, but soon enough Rickard notices there's something off about this monster and suggests the creature is using some form of illusion and that attempting to dispel the magical effect could help the party.

Rex instead decides to jump in the water and investigate as well, since he can see through the magical darkness. With Rickard's insight in mind, he is able to see what is really there: underneath the ship, a weird, round shape monster with tentacles can be seen. It is a very large creature with a round mouth and rows of teeth. It seems loosely attached to the bottom of the ship and Rex believes that it's trying to lure them closer to eat them, so he pushes it away from underneath the ship, and the party follows up and attacks it until it dies. When it does, the gargantuan tentacle illusion vanishes, revealing scrawny, but very long tentacles. The monster, or what remained of it, sunk deep beneath the sea.

Kingswell throws Herman overboard and Herman grabs a piece of the monster to eat it. Realizing it tastes really bad, he becomes upset at Kingswell and at everyone who yeeted it from the ship in the past.

The party tried to search around the area of the monsters, attempting to find some sweet ass loot, but didn't find anything aside from the flesh of the monster itself.



Donations to Umberlee: None (Total donations for the travel: 3gp)

Sorrel's attempt at finding the most optimal route: Successes: 2 Failure: 0

The evening approaches and it will soon be night as the party continues on the journey to  The Splitting Jaws.

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