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The Hand of Umberlee



A few months ago, the Hawthorne Guild rebuilt their town on the cliffside of the Sword’s Coast. Blank , the interim Guild Leader of the Hawthorne Guild learned of an artifact called the Hand of Umberlee, which is said to have the power to protect a town against threats from the sea. After putting together a team to locate and acquire the artifact. its specific location, Blank hired a man that previously worked with the Hawthorne Guild when assisting the Vedalken of New Nivix, Leonardo Kindhart, Captain of the White Sparrow, to travel on the Sea of Swords and assist members of the guild acquire the artifact once they find its location. The chosen team's goal is simple: find the possible location of the Hand of Umberlee, take it it and bring it to Hawthorne.


The party successfully brought the Hand of Umberlee to the Hawthorne Guild.

Stworzone przez Kath Caly 2 lata temu. Ostatnio zmienione przez Kath Caly 1 miesiąc temu