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  1. Zadania

A sleepless night

Guild Mission


The party started their sleep for the night where they were rudely interrupted. They then find themself awoken in a desert plain of some kind. As they start to gathered themself, a dragon of some kind started to carpet bomb them with explosive shells. With Loric Pegasus, they are able to dispatch this odd dragon of some kind.


@Luolang as Nanashi , level 18 Fighter/Warlock. Alignment is Chaotic Neutral.

@Pinkworks as Richter 18

@Loric | William ic | Itsmuddy as Loric, lvl 20 Paladin19/Warlock1 LG

@Doge as Ephemer,lvl 18, Lawful Good 

Stworzone przez itsmuddy 2 lata temu. Ostatnio zmienione przez itsmuddy 1 miesiąc temu