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Tiera Minuut


A city floating above the surface of the Precipice, where the Plane of Ice borders the Plane of Air. A temple once dedicated to a long-forgotten wind goddess lies at its heart, and within it, a relic that sustains a magical bubble of force that shields the city from the harsh weather of Frostfell.

Tiera Minuut is Frostfell's primary trading hub, and portals to Sigil, the Elemental Plane of Water, and the Prime Material Plane facilitate the imports and exports that sustain the city's economy. Many explorers and treasure hunters use it as a base of operations before venturing into the frozen wastes, hoping to profit from its many rare and valuable materials like everchill ice, or the frozen crystals of words and concepts that form in the plane's coldest regions.

The magical bubble that allows mortals to inhabit the city is sustained by the Galestone, an artifact housed at the center of the city's original temple, said to be a gift from the forgotten wind goddess to those who first established it. Though immensely powerful in the hands of a single wielder, its magic is mainly used to sustain a barrier of solid air to protect the city from various environmental hazards and hostile creatures.

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