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Uzuto is a monk from the Manatori Mountains. Always ready for a fight, he spends his time gorging himself cultivating his ki in order to obtain greater strength. This boy will fight anything: his friends, trees, the dead, moles, fairies, dragons, fey kings, you name it. Just don't ask him to think too hard, he'll get a nosebleed.

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A dancer during the Mwangi Summer Festival who greeted newcomers and entertained guests with song and dance.

"Extending before you is an almost perfectly circular cut of forest, almost jarringly trimmed from the near by biome with little transition. Behind you the winds upon the plains blows freely, the tall wild grasses almost alive as they ripple in the current. Ahead, the forest is quiet, silent, and lifeless, as if a morgue where one feels the need for silence to respect the dead.

Short grey grasses and brown lichen moss makes up the bush underfoot, as arching dry branches of leafless trees give a ruggedness to the dead ground. The canopy of branches blocks the moonlight a little ways, but would seem like a thick net of thorns entrapping you below.

Silent forest is an apt title, and you rest there quiet silently without much issue."

"You enter a clearing in the middle of the forest (...). Graves interred freshly on the earth. A stone altar split asunder."

- Jadys