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This world is known as Hazeron. It is an old world of feuding gods and ruined civilizations. In the middle of this world lies the continent of Gessaria, a mysterious land of magic and war. The expansive continent of Fusalis sits to the north, an untamed land of mountains and ice. The elven homelands of ...

The current listed bounties available at the Cloverhall. The Initiate and Claw bounties are posted on a bulletin board located on the first floor, while Pincer and Hook bounties are on the second floor. A third bounty board sits on the third floor, but is off limits to all but Hooks.


  • Help clear out the shed – 1 gold/day (standing contract)
  • Investigate/neutralize sentient tent in Scratchwood – 50 gold
  • Cull bullywugs in swamp – 2 gold per eye (standing contract)
  • Guard "eating contest" in the swamps - 100 gold


  • Collect slime from Fire Slugs – 20 gold per bottle
  • Root out agents of the Blinded Order - Variable Payout
  • Hunt the giant toad that’s been terrorizing the settlements around the swamps – 80 gold
  • Kill/exorcise the vrast that’s been venturing out of the Scratchwood – 120 gold
  • Find and capture bandit leader in Bumblycusp - 500 gold
  • Kill the recently crowned bullywug king – 300 gold
  • Investigate fraud scandal in Yattersby - 200 gold Claimed by Ayla
  • Retrieve disruptive artifact located in Dancing Peaks – 800 gold Claimed by the Cursebusters
  • Destroy pack of redhaunts, 350 gold
  • Neutralize spatial anomaly outside Yattersby – 600 gold
  • Rescue guild member outside Ouldsbell - 700 gold
  • Investigate possible undead presence – contact for details


  • Kill the mouther in the south, investigate origins, 1800 gold
  • Neutralize poisonous weirds popping up in the swamps 1500 gold - Claimed by Janis
  • Discover and neutralize source of Bumblycusp bandits, 2300 gold
  • Neutralize egomaniacal giant taking residence in western Dancing Peaks – 3000 gold
  • Arrest the armored knight blocking off the Stillpass and deliver to Bronze Aegis – 800 gold
  • Uncover ancient ruins – monthly payout Claimed by Rorug Fletsworn


  • Investigate possible trafficking Claimed by Darrod Lightvane
  • Destroy the shadow keep in the Scratchwood
  • Investigate a possible lich or demiurge in the Dancing Peaks

Completed Bounties (since 989)


  • Procure 30 claws from slaads in the Muckmeer - 300 gold Claimed by Venfa
  • Deliver bear claws and hide – 20 gold Claimed by Erdo Elfast
  • Urgent: Intercept a package containing a powerful artifact being held in Eldag Hollow – 700 gold – Claimed by Steve, Cora, Lambchop, Ilryn, Kel
  • Investigate missing traders near Eldag Hallow – 250 gold for information and evidence (valuable cargo) Claimed by Ayla
  • Escort a noble from Bucktuck to Nightrook – 50 gold Claimed by Venfa
  • Find son of Reedenford local – 20 gold Claimed by Mera


  • Route the bandits of Bumblycusp – 150 gold Claimed by Tamidilly and Erdo
  • Hunt down thief terrorizing Cliffs district in Bucktuck – 200 gold Claimed by Steve, Cora, Ilryn, Lambchop, Kel
  • Disperse large beetle infestation near Ouldbell - 150 gold Claimed by Venfa
  • Guard visiting diplomat in Bucktuck, 2 weeks – 400 gold – Claimed by Venfa
  • Discover who has been stealing from traders in Bucktuck – 250 gold Claimed by Ayla Raddock


  • Obtain untainted cacklerag venom – 250 gold a bottle Claimed by Janis Tannerson
  • Urgent: Disrupt summoning ritual near Haithe – Claimed by the Iron
  • Destroy the terrip in the mountains – 700 gold Claimed by the Iron
  • Fetch the eyes of a glathpeer 2000 gold Claimed by Janis
  • Destroy organized contingent of Green Hand beasts near Ouldbell – 2500 gold Claimed by the Iron

Naravern is one of the seven regions of the Kalhastian Empire, comprised of a large river basin lying in the central northern reaches of the kingdom. Naravern is known for its rich soil and natural beauty.

The Cloverhall is a guild hall located in Reedenford, acting as a branch of the Claw of Arali. It sits in the town square of Reedenford, and is central to its protection and specialized economy. The Cloverhall oversees guild operations in both Atherdale and the Scratchwood, but dire circumstances might call for members to journey through the Dancing Peaks on occasion.


The Cloverhall was once located in Bucktuck City, but was later moved to Reedenford after the town was established. The location was deemed more convenient for guild members as many of the bounties posted at the guild were from the rural areas of the province and Reedenford had a more centralized location. This move was met with resistance by some guild members who did not wish to live far from the city, but ultimately the decision was made in the interest of quickly addressing time-sensitive threats, so any dissenting voices were overruled.


The current manifestation of the Cloverhall has three stories, each with their own features and amenities. All three stories may be seen in a tiered fashion from the foyer, where a guild bounty board and the reception counter sit in front of the large main doors of the building. In addition, the hall has a rather spacious yarded area as well as a basement, which is used primarily for storage.


The foyer of the hall is wide and open; the bottom floor features a number of round tables with chairs situated around them, as well as a reception desk in the center just before the large double door entrance. A small bar sits near the back of the room on the left side, as does a claustrophobic stage. The bar is not well stocked. The walls are decorated with a multitude of trophies, rewards, and framed completed contracts. Around the base floor are a number of doors leading to various rooms, and behind the reception desk is a large bulletin board with currently standing contracts. The open ceiling of the foyer extends up to the second and third floors, connected by two staircases with centered, jutting wooden balconies. Each balcony contains some seats and a table, as well as its own bulletin board with specific contracts.


While the basement is primarily used for storage, there is a waste room as well as a small room that was once used for practicing alchemy. There is an escape tunnel that leads to a shack in the outskirts of town. There are two small, unused rooms in the basement. The basement is primarily accessed by a large spiral staircase accessible in one of the back rooms of the first floor.

Alchemy Room

Nestled away in the corner of the basement, there is a small, damp room that was once used by a former member of the guild as an alchemic station. There are a number of alchemical implements down here, such as bottles and burners, as well as a few filled vials of varying colors along the moldy shelves. A stereotypically large cauldron sits gathering dust in the corner of the room.

First Floor

The first floor contains a barracks for Initiates, located left of the main entrance, past the seating area near the guild bar. Rooms for Claws are to the right down a hallway, where the guild shop may be accessed when it is open. Each Claw room contains furniture for 2 individuals. In the foyer, the first floor contains the board for the respective groups, as well as the reception counter, a kitchen, and the butchery room. A small stable is also available on this level, as is the bath and an abandoned brewery.

Second Floor

The second floor contains individual rooms for the Pincers, as well as a small library which contains mostly specialized knowledge pertaining to harsh local environments, flora, and fauna. Also located on this floor is a well cared-for training room, a moderate stocked armory, and an equipment maintenance station, complete with a grinding stone and an anvil for straightening armor. There are 3 unused rooms on this floor, in addition to multiple empty bedrooms.

Third Floor

Off limits to any members who aren’t Hooks or higher. Contains an observatory, bedrooms, locked storage rooms, and a meeting room that has a crystal capable of connecting to other guilds, activated with an incantation. The structure of the guild hall visible from the outside would appear to indicate a number of rooms on this floor are unaccounted for by the testimonies of the Hooks that are allowed to set foot there.

Fourth Floor

On certain occasions, a pair of doors is visible from the central staircase on what appears to be a fourth floor; however, there is no path or staircase leading up to it. From the outside of the hall, no fourth floor is visible, and most of the time the area where the fourth floor appears seems to simply be wooden ceiling.


There is a small yard out back for any livestock from guild traders or traveling members, as well as a small garden that grows simple vegetables and fruits.


See Cloverhall Bounties.

Connor Bramblemoon is a halfling priest of Unavaranu and the life partner of Cora Merrywine. He is a devoted servant of the goddess and is deeply in love with Cora, but he is emotionally and physically weak, without a lot of survival skill. Out of concern for Cora's condition, as her body is currently controlled by Caedali, he seeks a healer to help her, refusing to leave her side until he finds one.

Connor was effectively killed by an agent of the Dark Embers just outside the Dancing Peaks, but his body is somehow still animated by Noesis. It is unclear how this influence is maintained.


Connor is an average sized halfling with an awkwardly skinny yet stout frame. He has curly brown hair and large brown eyes, as well as large, bushy feet that always remain uncovered. Despite his frailty, Connor carries a large pack of books on his back wherever he goes, though it weighs on him somewhat.

Connor is extremely earnest, kind, and honest, to a fault. He makes attempts not to speak ill of others and tries to think positively about most things. However, his emotions are rather frail, and is prone to crying when he is overwhelmed. Connor is also rather dense and unobservant, generally unaware of when people are mocking him. He is endlessly devoted to both Cora and Unavaranu.

Skills and Abilities

Connor is capable of using some forms of clerical magic, though the extent of his power is unknown.


Connor was raised in Jaergden Karkast in Astrilane, where he became friends with Cora Merrywine growing up. The two studied as acolytes in a temple of Unavaranu and eventually partnered with each other as boughs, venturing out into the world in search of new knowledge to offer to their goddess.

At some point, Connor was captured by the goblin Osh, but was soon rescued by Cora Merrywine. During this time, the consciousness of Caedali transferred from Osh to Cora, though Connor remained unaware of this for some time. Cora eventually left Connor to join the Claw of Arali, worrying Connor as the two had never been apart. After only a few months, Connor located Cora through a private investigator and arrived in Reedenford where he waited a number of weeks for Cora to return to the town. Upon her arrival, Connor proclaimed he would never be separated from Cora again. Though Cora attempted to reveal her curse as Caedali to Connor, he did not quite seem to understand.

Lesotruth 13th, 989 IaC

  • Before heading to bed, Steve spent some time identifying some of the items the group found in the splintering halls, including
  • The group went to sleep, encountering various visions in their dreams
    • The entire party was plagued by visions of the Thousand King, as they all had witnessed his symbol in the Splintering Halls
    • The group witnessed the Prison of the Chained Flame, their visions brought deep into its bowels to a blackened sphere of pure hatred, and through a crack they saw the dark, emaciated figure of the Thousand King, who whispered to them, "Free me."
  • Caedali was visited by the awkward Zevian, who praised her for her perseverance, saying that by struggling against her curses, she was growing greater in power.
    • To ease her pain, Zevian imparted a boon that would allow her to attune to an additional item as long as she had 6 or more curses.
  • Merja once again was whisked to the volcanic island of Pelema, where she was able to ask her teacher more questions
    • Pelema admitted to having once been part of the Coven of Enama
    • Despite her origins using cruel magic under the tutelage of the Dreadwitch Enama, Pelema eventually began to gain an appreciation and love for the world after traveling beyond the desolation of the Poison Pits of Levilthan
    • She learned how to channel her unique magic, which gained power from death, into more productive and less vile applications
    • Pelema claimed that this was the very same magic that Merja was using
    • Pelema admitted to killing her former teacher, Enama, as she was about to accomplish some terrible evil by tricking her and abusing her trust
    • As part of the artifice, Pelema took on the curse of the Poison Pits, gaining immortality and becoming the curse's host
    • Despite the ire of the other witches, they could not kill her as they feared mortality more than they hated her
    • Pelema was later imprisoned on the island by the witch hunter Enshansa, trapped within a volcano
    • The former witch explained that the Pits require fuel to remain active, meaning that someone had been actively maintaining it all these years
  • Kel dreamed of a massive valley of teeth, with her goddess Patalir following her from behind
    • As Kel moved forwards into the teeth towards a looming figure in the distance, Patalir followed, egging her on
    • "I need that tooth"
  • Steve dreamed of his studies into the Black Book, working more and more on its puzzles as a familiar voice continually stated, "It's almost time"
  • Lambchop dreamed of his stomach, and felt somehow connected to it, feeling it being filled with icky things
    • He felt as if somehow, it was getting closer
  • Ilryn had a short conversation with her patron Avra
    • Ilryn had discovered the retromancer that the Ossuate was attempting to avoid was likely her mother, Elleryndel
    • She was about to communicate this fact to her friend before Avra began asking about the time magic, questioning if Ilryn believed it possible to travel back in time
    • Ilryn then decided to hide her information from Avra, somewhat perturbed by his focus

Lesotruth 14, 989 IaC

  • The group awoke to a nicely made but somewhat cold meal from Jora, who was busy at work
    • Jora reminded the party to come by later, as she and Nathaniel were still in the process of digging up information and supplies
  • Heading out, the party saw a grimy-looking man that introduced himself as Onbekend, Servant of the Seen and Devoted of Unrirnu
    • Sholtan offered to show the group around Adalhast for only 10 gold, promising them the best in service for their money
    • Kel noticed that Sholtan was wearing a strange, mirror-like necklace, which she associated with the god Onbekend
    • He managed to convince the group and they set off to a temple of Patalir
  • The party arrived at the massive, historical temple of Onbekend in Arcshield, and Kel immediately entered with her massive tooth
    • Despite the efforts by the temple attendants to stop her, Kel moved the Onbekend to the back of the temple beneath the statue of Patalir's Chrysalis
    • The statue began to move as color emerged beneath the stonework and frosty mist began to fill the air, and Patalir spoke, whisking the tooth away
    • The temple watched in awe as Patalir spoke directly to Kel, asking her relationship advice as she had become enamored with the goddess Cavaesi
    • Kel learned that Patalir had long been manipulating her followers into collecting artifacts related to Cavaesi in a weird, kinda creepy-stalker way, unable to confront her crush directly
    • Kel, who was just as inexperienced in love, resolved to get her own girlfriend so that Patalir could witness how to do it
    • Patalir seemed content with that, claiming she knew Kel was a kindred spirit as Kel resolved to keep her terrifying memories of the Splintering Halls in order to attain greater power
    • Kel began to exit the temple, but was swarmed by priests that began to refer to her as a prophet
    • Steve nudged Kel into using her newfound fame to lift an expensive crystal ball from the temple, worth 20,000 gold
    • The party escaped from the temple, with Sholtan leading them down maze-like alleys to lose any followers
  • The group headed for a magic shop suggested by Sholtan
    • Sholtan was forced to remain outside of the shop by the shopkeeper, who graciously met with the party
    • The group bought a number of health potions, as well as some magical items
    • Caedali purchased an Onbekend
    • Steve purchased a crystal and some magical paper & ink
  • Sholtan then led the group to the district of Darkwell, and showed them a local monument, the Onbekend
    • Onbekend is the goddess of Luck and Skill, and the massive crystal suspended above the street was often touched by the residents of Darkwell as a good-luck charm
    • The party all climbed up to touch the charm, and were beckoned by a stranger running a gambling table beneath the stairs
    • Steve decided to take the gamble to test his luck, winning the first two bets but losing out on 100 gold on the third
    • Refusing to take a double or nothing bet, Lambchop stepped in instead when the stranger tried to sweeten the pot with a pair of magic dice
    • Lambchop eked out a victory against the man, who had Lambchop roll the magical dice, known as Onbekend
    • Lambchop's muscles bulged and his strength increased, but his intelligence took a hit as he he began to drool
    • When the group turned back to the man after checking on Lambchop, the stranger and the table was gone
    • Steve used his special eyes to look back in time, discovering that the stranger seemed to exist in a sort of quantum state, both there and not
  • Sholtan led the group to a small alley down to a curio shop with the promise of showing Kel something she'd like
    • In the shop, Kel purchased Onbekend, a unique breastplate that featured a massive set of iron teeth in the center
  • The group was led to an alchemy shop, where Sholtan was once again made to stay at the entrance
    • The group looked at various potions as Lambchop bought a gas bellows and a bunch of glass vials
    • The alchemist, Onbekend, put some of the exhaust smoke and gas into Lambchop's vials, though the effects are a mystery
    • Lambchop got an Alchemy Jug
    • Caedali bought a potion of giant's strength
    • Kel bought a "potion of hate"
  • The party was led further into the pit of Darkwell to a magical shop known as Onbekend
    • The shop was filled with interesting magic items, and was looked after by a sentient wall that puppeted a seemingly undead tiefling
    • After looking around for a while, the group got a few items, including the Onbekend, the Onbekend, and the Onbekend
    • Steve pre-purchased an Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location, and the clerk provided him with a token that would swap places with the item upon its completion
  • As the party exited the shop, they all received a message from Eliza to meet them at Onbekend
    • The group headed out, following Sholtan through shortcuts and winding passages
    • Sholtan noticed something in an alleyway, and told the group to hang tight while he handled some "business"
    • The party waited in a seedy alley, and were soon approached by a cloaked figure headed straight toward Steve
    • The figure dodged around the party and stabbed Steve with a dagger before escaping down a side street
    • The dagger began to sink into Steve's flesh, and despite efforts to pull it out, it was completely absorbed, leaving only a strange spiral mark
    • After making sure Steve was okay, the group chased the cloaked figure to a dead end alley, where five figures stood
    • The first figure stepped out and introduced herself as Enshansa, claiming it was an honor to meet Steve as all five figures bowed
    • The figures each introduced themselves as Vetten Ninefellows, Onbekend, Onbekend, and Nettleberry
    • While they were terribly cryptic, the group belonged to an order known as the Pageseekers that seemed to follow some prophecy involving Steve
      • Enshansa admitted that the Pageseekers were responsible for planting the Black Book in the Lunar Referent, resulting in Steve's study of it
      • The purpose of this was to find "the heir", and Enshansa hinted that the group had done the same thing at many other libraries
      • The library was burned as Enshansa believed this experiment to be another failure, but later realized that Steve's survival and continued study of the book made him "the one"
      • Enshansa apologized for destroying the one place Steve cared about, kind of
    • The Pageseekers made comments about "events set in motion" and "inevitability"
    • They seemed to care little about current events, dismissing the Ossuate and the Thousand King as "ultimately inconsequential"
    • Ilryn recognized Belora as the former leader of her troupe, surprised to find out that she had faked her death
      • Belora apologized to Ilryn, stating that her family had shouldered the responsibility for centuries to keep the "loop" intact
      • Belora urged Ilryn to keep her shoulder safe, as it was terribly important for some reason
      • Despite having manipulated Ilryn, Belora seemed to care for her
    • Nettleberry claimed that her involvement was also part of an attempt to move events along the right track
      • Apparently, Caedali had killed one of Nettleberry's "vessels", but it didn't seem to bother the necromancer much
      • Lambchop refused to part with his momulet when Nettleberry asked for it back
    • Vetten Ninefellows was starstruck when he found out that Steve had read his book on time magic and Adred Flayamar's magic, and ran away
    • Eventually, each of the Pageseekers took their leave in various ways
  • The party returned to where they were waiting before and caught up with Sholtan, who had a bit of white powder on his nose
    • Sholtan began leading the group towards Copperkeep, and told the party a story about two gods, Onbekend and his sibling
    • Unrirnu was the god of Mirrors and Duplicity, and had been borne the son of Durzick
    • When Unrirnu's mother gave birth to him, her tears formed into a second child, born from pain and torment
    • Unrirnu was constantly harassed by his sibling, who caused him suffering at every turn
    • Unrirnu was eventually married to Onbekend, the goddess of moss, and the two led a happy life until the sibling killed Ayaten to torment Unrirnu
    • As punishment, Unrirnu took his sibling and trapped him in a mirror world, only able to look in through its reflections
  • Sholtan had positioned himself close to Ilryn, and upon finishing his story, moved to stab her
    • Lambchop attempted to stop him but Sholtan dodged past him, stabbing Ilryn with strength and fury
    • Kel used her abilities to prevent a critical injury, and the group quickly incapacitated Sholtan, bringing him to his knees
    • Sholtan stated it was his duty as a devoted of Unrirnu to undo the god's sworn enemies, especially those working for Onbekend
    • Sholtan didn't wish to attack anyone or die, but stated that he could not defy the will of his god, and accepted his death
    • Ilryn removed Sholtan's mirror necklace as the group debated on what to do with him
    • Seizing an opportunity, as the mirror turned in Ilryn's hand, Sholtan escaped into it, running away down the reflected street
  • Frazzled after two surprise attacks in one day, the group cautiously headed towards Copperkeep to meet up with Eliza and the Iron
    • The group found the Iron waiting outside and soon entered to meet with Eliza, who had organized a meeting with Copperkeep's leader
    • The party made their way through the massive, bustling halls of the Copperkeep, climbing a large staircase up to the office of Onbekend, Talon of the Copperkeep
    • Entering the office, the group met with the large, intimidating leader of the hall, also finding a small, spry old man and studious-looking tiefling waiting for them
    • Denthranor seemed more interested in listening to the party than Eliza, and had them recount the events that had unfolded in Atherdale, questioning why they required the help of the guild
    • Despite the group's efforts to relay the gravity of the situation, Denthranor stated he was constantly battling multiple "world ending" threats simultaneously, and had few resources to spare
    • While he had no people to offer, after some prodding from the old man, Onbekend, Denthranor allowed the group access to the armory of the keep and the facilities normally reserved for higher ranking members
    • The tiefling, a historian named Onbekend, offered some historical context on the Great Colossus, claiming that it was a powerful construct created by the gods to battle the primeval dragons at the beginning of the Age of Gods
  • Desperate to catch up with Cloverhall, Eliza and the group headed towards some communication crystals and phoned in to their old base
    • The party learned that the Grey Wings had declared martial law weeks before their escape, and were now claiming that they did it because of the threat posed by the dragon (likely the one they released in the Splintering Halls) that attacked Bucktuck City
    • As the Claw of Arali and the Bronze Aegis had been declared enemies of the state, the guild had holed up in Cloverhall behind a defensive spell woven by Darrod Lightvane
    • At some point, Merilann and Glutagg had snuck out to kidnap the mayor, Tunban Fetterly, but only Glutagg managed to make it back, leaving Merilann's fate unknown
    • The group tasked the members in Cloverhall with heading out to the Singing Bloodkeep and procuring some Singing Steel, an apparent weakness of the Ossuate
  • The party then headed down to the armory of the Copperkeep, meeting with Onbekend, the nervous, emotional kleptomaniac tiefling
    • As Noose was loathed to part with any of the magical items, he simply began listing them off, refusing to repeat himself or allow the group to procure something he had already spoken about
    • Each member managed to get something out of Noose despite his difficult nature, and he promptly closed up shop
  • Tired after a day of ambushes and shopping, the group headed out to leave Copperkeep when they were approached by yet another hooded figure that handed a letter to Lambchop, who had currently lost his ability to read
    • Caedali instead read the missive, which turned out to be a letter from Rorug Fletsworn, who had somehow gotten a hold of Merilann and was holding her hostage, inviting the group to a "tea party" to "catch up"
    • The letterhead for the note was the same that the group found in the Splintering Halls
  • The party headed back to the Silver Shepherd, electing to get some rest ahead of an impending battle with Rorug
    • Nathaniel and Jora offered the group some information they managed to collect about the Ossuate, including:
    • When her flesh is removed, she is effectively undead and has such strengths/weaknesses
    • The flesh suit is a source of power, as she gains strength when she feels pain
    • Movement causes her pain and strengthens her due to her armor
    • Another witch named Onbekend stiches together abominations from corpses that are resistant to magic and do not feel pain. They are susceptible to fire.
      • Many of the bodies were likely sourced by Onbekend
    • The Ossuate displayed particular rage towards a field agent that nearly struck her with a sword containing purifying magic
      • Such purifying weapons are few and far between. Can get weapons blessed, but it is costly.
    • The two also gifted Lambchop some Onbekend, Onbekend, Dust of Sneezing and Choking, and 3 Arrows of Enetar
  • Preparing for a confrontation with Rorug, the party headed to bed

Reedenford is a small town located in the Atherdale province of the Kalhastian Empire that serves as both a rest stop for traders and travelers as well as the home of Cloverhall. Once a simple trade outpost built as a refuge from the swampy lands under the Bumblycusp, Reedenford has flourished into a proper town and the main point of civilization in northeastern Atherdale. The town has continued to expand as trade into the province has increased, becoming an important economic powerhouse in the region.


Reedenford was first founded as a simple outpost along the once slow-flowing Owlknot River. Traders to Bucktuck City from Nightrook had become more frequent, but the marshy lands just outside the Scratchwood gave even the heartiest caravans hardship as there was no place to rest. In addition, creatures from the forest and the Muckmeer Swamp were constant threats to traders, who needed a safe place to pause and gather themselves before crossing the river and continuing on to the city.

In Iron 589, a man by the name of Lucas Covel, who up until that point had been trading sheepskin between Nightrook and Burnrock, suddenly sold all his belongings for a cart full of wooden planks, making his way on his own through the Scratchwood and settling at a point just south of the forest along the river. Covel used half of his wood to build a giant deck on top of the marshy lands, afterwards fording the river to build another deck on the other side. Covel then submerged himself into the mud beneath the deck up to his head, where he remained until he died of disease in Iron 592. Many have speculated that Covel was possessed by some form of planesglint.

Traders began to use the decks as camp sites, and the low, slow moving waters became a favorable location to ford the river. Due to Covel's constant muttering of the beauty of the river's reeds, the location soon became known as Reedenford, and over the years, certain amenities and structures were built upon the decks, offering housing for weary travelers. Some took up residence on the decks and the surrounding areas, usually offering some kind of service to traders for a living.

In Iron 732, at the behest of Duke ====, work began across Atherdale to join the many mountain streams coming down from the Dancing Peaks into the Owlspring River. Over the years of this project, the river became deeper and faster flowing, and after the joining of the Yatter River, the west deck was all but destroyed as the powerful current cut into the land beneath it. Reedenford was no longer a suitable place to cross the river, and most had begun to use the Quagley Ferry to the south for this purpose; however, it remained an important stop for travelers, and with the powerful new river breathing life into the once unfarmable land, the town began to flourish as more began to settle there.

In Iron 987, Tunban Fetterly was named mayor of Reedenford by Lady Anise Taranil after the former mayor died of disease.


Reedenford is built upon mildly marsh-like land with wet soil, resulting from the flat lands around it and the slow spill of water that comes from the Bumblycusp. Efforts in the past to consolidate runoff from the Muckmeer Swamps have somewhat stabilized the condition of the soil and the humidity of the air, though it is still rather humid.

The town encompasses a rather small area, but is densely inhabited, with buildings and structures built in close proximity. Largely, the town is centered around the main road that runs alongside the river, which contains the majority of large businesses hoping to attract the attention of travelers. The town square contains a fountain that serves as the main source of clean water for the town, as well as administrative buildings and Cloverhall, the Claw of Arali headquarters for the province.

The town is surrounded by a low stone wall that demarcates its borders; as the town continues to expand, the stone walls are demolished and rebuilt.


The economy of Reedenford is largely supported by its various inns, who cater to the traders coming through the town on their way to Bucktuck City. Reedenford receives resources from surrounding settlements that are often supplied to traders that move them on to larger cities. Its primary exports are livestock and potatoes.


Reedenford is primarily governed by its standing mayor, which is elected by the current ruler of Atherdale. The mayor has the ability to enact new decrees and regulations that do not interfere with provincial, regional or national law; generally, this is relegated to the formation of new taxations or specific criminal law.

While the mayor has power over most things, judicial matters are carried out by the town council, which is comprised of various influential members of the community. While members of the council are technically chosen by the mayor, it is usually nominations by the townspeople that tends to enact their consideration for the position, generally confirmed by their popularity. The town council holds monthly hearings regarding ideas, complaints, and other such matters.


Reedenford is primarily guarded by a small detachment of the Bronze Aegis, as well as the members of Cloverhall, who are occasionally granted mayoral authority to enact the law.


Reedenford has an amicable relationship with Bucktuck City, as both are important to one another's economies. Government officials between the two locations are known to be close.

Reedenford has a positive relationship with the city of Nightrook, due to the number of traders that travel between the locations. The college of Nightrook is known to use Reedenford as a staging area for their surveys of ruins in the province.



The majority of the citizens of Reedenford are human, though the town sports a budding tiefling community. Gnomes can be spotted on occasion, but the majority of the town's diversity comes from the various traders passing through.

Most, if not all of the residents of Reedenford speak the common tongue.


Many of the residents of Reedenford do not center their lives around religion; that being said, the eminent religion is the worship of Fectovarano, which is primarily accomplished at the temple in town. Residents often make small offerings to the Allriver, asking him to keep the Owlspring River flowing with life to provide to the surrounding land.

Some residents worship Unavaranu as well, and the small pair of shrines in town sport the only public library for miles around. 

Points of Interest

The Kalhastian Empire is a large kingdom in western Atavar. It is one of the richest and most populated kingdoms in Atavar, and a major world power seen as a mediator and peace keeper among most nations. It is a hereditary monarchy, currently led by Queen Arenora Valemoon. The populace is primarily human due to the wars that emerged during the establishment of the nation that saw most elves in the region retreat to the surrounding territories; other races may call the area home, but human dominate most demographics.


The Kalhastian Empire is an expansive kingdom, spanning across the western peninsula of Atavar to its center. Its borders are primarily demarcated by mountain ranges, as are its seven major regions. The northwest peninsula that meets the nations of Ivosassick, Ilfayln and Midradir is known as Utheriath. The secluded but lush north-central river basin is called Naravern, and a large river valley between it and Utheriath is known as the region of Luvensor. The central region of the Empire is Runadine, the most populous region containing the capital. Onbekend lies just south of Runadine, and is a somewhat contested border region neighboring the nations of Polpo, Onbekend, Drurek Weir, and the no-man’s-land of Volesant. Meldas is a large region encompassing the mid-east, making up part of the valley that intersects with Utesh-Verik, and also bordering the contentious Free Lands. The sparse western region of Onbekend borders the Free Lands, Volesant, Bok-Gren, Onbekend, and Onbekend.

The capital of the empire is Adalhast, a large port city located on the eastern coast in Runadine. Adalhast is famous for housing an enormous ancient bronze dragon, Hashastel, that lies resting in the center square of the city.

The Empire is home to a multitude of varying natural environments, from lush mountains to warm beaches to arid crags.



Kalhastia is a hereditary monarchy, with the monarch having been chosen by the previous monarch, ruling for life or until stepping down. Generally, this position has been known to stay in the line of a royal family, save for a few upsets over the passing centuries. Since 612 IaC, the position has been held by direct descendants of the Valemoon family. Line of nobility are generally married into the royal family, but generally only those carrying royal blood are considered to be named successors. This process is completely up to the whims and persuasions of the previous monarch. Currently, the nation is ruled by Queen Arenora Valemoon.

Rule is carried out in a line of command; while the monarch’s authority presides over all prerogatives, enforcement of her rulings is accomplished by way of high ranking nobility tasked by the crown to oversee the various regions and provinces of the Empire. In the capital, where the crown sits, the Crown's Bulwark oversees the seven regions of Kalhastia. These “Bulwarks”, each given a title unique to their region, hold the highest positions of non-royalty in the land, and are tasked with realizing the visions of whoever sits upon the throne. The seven provinces are further split into provinces, which are governed by Lords, Ladies, Dukes and Duchesses given power by the Bulwarks. The governors of a province will then appoint nobility of friends to oversee the larger settlements in the province as mayors, who handle the collection of taxes and the establishment of law.

While much of central Kalhastia finds this situation perfectly agreeable, the more remote provinces that benefit less from the influence of the crown often find themselves fending for themselves against the horrors of the wild. While considered treason by the crown, some settlements resort to establishing their own rule of law, sectioning themselves off from the provinces and regions that do not provide any benefit in return for the resources they relinquish. The punishment of these communities that mainly endeavor only to survive in harsh climates is a hotly debated subject in the capital.

In addition to the various courts and branches of the government, the Empire hosts a number of institutions to provide the crown with council and resources; the Church of Fectovarano and the Silver Eye each actively participate in government proceedings, as does the Aerathin Court and the Claw of Arali.


Law in the Empire is a hierarchical system; national law is primarily established by the ruling monarch, and thusly carried out by the regions and provinces thereafter. Regions may make their own laws as decided on by the Bulwark and the region’s Council of Reason, one of the 7 high courts. These laws must not conflict with or override decrees made by the crown in any way. These law are then enforced by the provinces, and the nobility presiding over them may establish their own laws, which again must not impose on the rulings made higher up the chain. Provincial law must be made in conjunction with the Lower Courts, which are appointed by the Bulwark of the region. Finally, mayors and town heads may make local laws, which generally must be approved by a majority from the Town Council.

The Empire’s form of law is most similar to civil legal system, as the authority is established by the codification of legislature. Judges interpret this law when individuals appear to have crossed it, and provide a sentence that is deemed appropriate; in the law of the Empire, however, there is no specific severity of punishment that correlates to the law or statue that was broken, giving judges a fair amount of power in their sentencing. The exception to a judge’s power lies in the ability of the ruler of the province, the Bulwarks, or the crown to overrule them; provincial rulers may override town councils, Bulwarks may override the Lower Courts, and the monarch may override the Councils of Reason. Laws are broken up into four types; criminal, civil, public, and religious. Religious law is a bit of an outlier, and cases made in this category are generally considered to lie within the purview of public law, with the exception of a religious head or heads participating in the body of the court.

Most Empire law is based in honor and righteousness, and punishments are historically levied with an acute understanding of the crime committed; while the practice is somewhat archaic now, the standard response for thievery was once to remove a number of fingers based on the significance of what was stolen.

Foreign Relations

The Kalhastian Empire is one of the most powerful kingdoms in Atavar, and is often viewed as a foil to the Sufessian Dominion. While both are large autocracies, Kalhast is generally known to be the more humanitarian of the two, in comparison to Sufessia's cutthroat politics and long list of war crimes. Regardless, the empire is still organized into a very distinct class system where those of nobility and wealth tend to enjoy expanded powers over the weak and poor.

The Empire tends to act as a sort of mediator between hostile nations and endeavors to forge peaceful relationships with most major world powers. It relies heavily on the nation of Ivosassick for trade, and has a very healthy relationship with the nation. Among the Empire’s staunchest allies are Utesh-Verik, Caldenvald, and Astrilane.

The Empire has rocky relationships with the elven kingdoms of the Free Lands due to territorial wars from years past. Though the humans that waged the wars in the Empire have long since crumbled to dust, the long-lived elves have not forgotten the indignities they suffered at the hands of the Bronze Aegis. Despite Sufessia encroaching upon the territories in the Free Lands, the kingdoms have summarily refused the assistance of the Empire.

The Empire is one of the most advanced kingdoms in the Known World, leading in innovations of engineering and standardization. Many standards set by the institutions of the Empire are eventually adopted by other countries. Kalhastia is known to defer especially to the rulings of the Ereidin High Council, and tend to lead the continent on the adoption of its policies.


The nation is protected by a volunteer army known as the Bronze Aegis, who work as a peacekeeping force both within its borders and out. Applicants must overcome rigorous training and examination to be deemed fit to enter the army, which is regarded with prestige and honor throughout most of the kingdom. Aegis members will patrols heavily traveled roads, towns, and cities, as well as protect the Empire's borders.

Covert operations are spearheaded by a secretive operative group known as the Blinded Order, which establishes spies and agents across the world to provide untainted information to the crown.


Ethnic Groups

Major Cities

The largest city in the Empire is Adalhast, which also functions as its capital. The location of the crown, Adalhast is mostly populated by humans, though the area is more diverse than others due to its sheer size and population.


For some centuries now, the national language of the Empire has been Common, ever since the language was designated the language of the world by the Ereidin High Council in Iron 32. Before, many citizens of the empire spoke a more obscure language known as Kharvat, which now only survives in texts and on the lips of scholars.

Certain ethnic groups may speak other languages, though most must converse in Common to some extent to survive in the Empire. The second most common language would likely be gnomish, though Drurek Dwarven and halfling is spoken more towards the southern border, and orcish to the north. A fair amount of people may speak elven in the east, close to the border of the Free Lands.

The speaking of Sufessian is banned within the borders of the kingdom. The punishment for proliferating this language has historically been removal of the tongue, though the study of the language purely in writing is tolerated as an academic endeavor, provided one is capable of proving they are a suitable scholar. The only people allowed to speak the language in the kingdom are specially mandated diplomats, and assumedly, spies of the Blinded Order.


While there is no religion or worship that is mandated by the crown, a large majority of the populace either worships or reveres the god Fectovarano to some extent. The influence of Fectovarano is strongly maintained by the efforts of the Church of Fectovarano, which has incorporated itself into vital aspects of Kalhastian society, such as healthcare. Priests of Fectovarano are often the sole practitioners of higher medicine in a given community, their positions strategically managed by the Church in order to maximize their effect and spread. Additionally, the Church employs their own soldiers of faith to keep the peace, becoming much more common in larger cities and settlements.

Unavaranu is also widely worshiped in the country, with many temples being led by the Silver Eye. However, the influence of Unavaranu is much less organized than that of Fecto’s, and as such temples and places of worship are less consistently found. Still, the temples can play a large part in any community they are part of, and supplicants will often bring offerings of texts and art in order to earn the goddess’ favor, which is rumored to be quite powerful, should she appreciate their gifts.

Regardless of leading religions, the worship of other gods is generally not considered blasphemous or ill in any way, especially for smaller gods with more specific domains. Yeroda, the god of travelers and Waralur, the god of trade are often prayed to and given offerings, and it is not uncommon to offer the occasional gift to fickle gods such as Durzick or Elevarani, though their abject worship is generally frowned upon. The worship of more evil or duplicitous gods, such as Ragil, Batrax, Irashi, or Jylurm, can lead to religious raids by the Church or even the Bronze Aegis, should the situation get out of hand. The tendency for the Church of Fecto to take these matters into their own hand is a hot topic of debate among many communities that might fear religious persecution should the church choose to expand its definition of evil worship.

In general, only major deities as designated by the Ereidin High Council are cleared for abject worship, and in the Kalhastian Empire, these are further limited to: Fectovarano, Unavaranu, Elevarani, Durzick, Hatatch, Merrav, Onyr, Tyrix, Zadara, Patalir, Erudia, and Aeltra. The worship of Kalar is seen as highly untrustworthy, and those that openly worship the God of Souls may find themselves often detained and questioned. Generally, those who worship other gods quietly and peacefully are generally respected and left alone, but if they are found to act out, their faith could be used to quash their voices.



Kalhastia is rich in resources, but still relies heavily on trade with other nations, primarily in cultural imports. While the kingdom is well known for its mountain ranges full of copper and tin, the nation actually has an abundance of iron and gold, which accounts for its wealth more so than the bronze it is famous for. In legend, it is conjectured that the first rulers of the Empire sought to ward off other conquerors by making the land seem unfertile and poor in resources, crafting their weapons and armor out of bronze to fool others into believing there was nothing worth taking in the once small kingdom.

Due to its size, the Empire is home to a number of differing climates and environments, though on the whole land in the kingdom is fertile and farmable. Much of the open, controlled flat land of the kingdom is dedicated to farming and the raising of livestock. The Empire is famous for its large boars, known as tinguts, which are especially delicious and full of nutrients. Tinguts are raised on large reserves with abundant forests, as small enclosures stress the animals and apparently turn their meat sour. The crown has its own special reserve dedicated to the raising of tingut and Iverhorth deer, for which trespassing is punishable by immediate execution.




The Kalhastian Empire was formed in earnest during the end of the Broken Age, alongside the creation of the Claw of Arali. The two structures grew alongside each other, the Claw eventually becoming a supportive institution as the Empire began to spread across the western waters of Atavar.

As the empire expanded its influence, it eventually began encroaching upon long-disputed territories held by a contingent of elven kingdoms. With a number of different parties claiming sovereignty over the land with varying legitimacies, what followed was a bloody war that eventually saw the majority of elves retreat to the Free Lands with the Empire signing a still-honored treaty not to expand past the mountains of the river basin. Due to a number of deep-seated grudges and cultural biases, elves are incredibly rare in the Empire, though they may be found more commonly in the borders of Kalhastia.

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Kalhastian Empire - 989 IaC
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