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What did the Mysterium find in the ancient Ozark Mountains? They aren't telling, but they are making moves. They're leaning on the other Pentacle Orders for support, promising revelations unparalleled since the end of the Time Before. They're moving their brightest researchers into the area. Their mightiest Sentinels. Their craftiest magpies. All the best mages they can muster. They're calling in all their favors. Going all in on this podunk backwater claiming to be "The Heart of Hometown America." Still, not a word on what it's about.

It's unfortunate for you, really. You aren't the brightest, the mightiest, or the craftiest. You're a grunt. Maybe you were a Nameless that's falling in line with the new fat cats in town. Maybe you're a flunky that's running here in hopes that the new wonder the Mysterium dug up will get you back into anyone's good graces. Maybe you're too dense, and you didn't say no when the Mysterium came knocking. Maybe you weren't given a choice at all. But however you got roped in, you're here now. Down in the hills with the hicks and bumpkins.

Don't worry too much. There are others here. Other grunts getting fucked like you. The higher ups fucking them. About half a million sleepers. Well, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the other mages outside of the Mysterium's hastily assembled Consilium. There's the nameless that haven't taken the knee yet. They're getting five star treatment from the Consilium right now. Mysterium doesn't have as much intel as they'd have you believe, and the local nameless aren't as stupid as their neighbors. Mark my words though, those nameless that hold out. Well, the Mysterium's not going to let any knowledge, however tangential, of their newfound Mystery remain unclaimed.

Beyond those poor holdouts, there's the Seers. What, you thought they wouldn't be here because the Pentacle wasn't here to play footsie with them? No, there's a lot of money in the Ozarks. Money that flows in off of the backs of slaves, foreign and domestic. Walmart is headquartered here. Whatever propaganda the Mysterium fed you about this place growing into it's own little economic powerhouse, it was true. Don't think for a second that the Seers haven't already claimed it. Mammon is all over Walton Boulevard, and his Seers have certainly noticed the poor little Pentacle mages playing in the woods. And don't let the fact that mammonites would never stoop to chase you into the woods bring comfort. The woods are full of their own horrors here. 

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