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For the physical structure, see Arcology (Building).

Arcology is the study and design of megastructures or excavated areas that contain self-sufficient settlements city-sized or larger.



Arcology has numerous fields of thought that impact the approach to sustainability, public/private spaces, racially-adjusted spatial dimensions and amenities. Arcologies might be considered exemplars of a movement, but it is important to note that almost all of them incorporate influences from multiple movements.

Architectural Arcology

Main article: Architectural Arcology

Arcology began as a speculative subfield of Architecture, limited by technology and a prevalent MarketEconomy approach not oriented toward large-scale infrastructure projects.

The term was coined in 1969 by architect Paolo Soleri, who believed that a completed arcology would provide space for a variety of residential, commercial, and agricultural facilities while minimizing individual human environmental impact. These structures have been largely hypothetical, as no arcology, even one envisioned by Soleri himself, has yet been built.[1]

While its original intent included reduction of environmental impact, Architectural Arcology is given a separate name from Eco-Arcology due to a rift of time and practice between the two. However, they can be considered two parts of the same movement, as their intent was the same.


Main article: Arco-Engineering ("Welfare Arcology")

In the mid-21st century, the pressures of EarthsDeterioratingAtmosphere, Rising Sea Levels & ensuing Climate Refugee Crisis were becoming too much for the neoliberal world order to ignore, but not quite enough to effect a change in the system. Responses across the developed world generally amounted to SustainabilityMarketIncentives and some funding for solutions, but no radical changes. Arco-Engineering is the result of these conservative efforts to address only the symptoms of climate change while not hurting profit margins too much. 

The resulting structures (retroactively called Welfare Arcos) generally housed hundreds of thousands in miserably utilitarian conditions, and often fell short of carbon neutrality goals. As a result, the movement of Arco-Engineering is an often-cited example of the shortcomings of Techno-Optimism.

Marxist Arcology

Main article: Marxist Arcology

In light of the results of the Arco-Engineering movement, which could at best be called marginally successful, a critical movement in the field identified the core cause of the failures. According to them, an Arco, just like a society, would necessarily reflect in its design the assumptions that were built into it. Therefore, correcting the relationship of labor to capital would create a more equitable and effective design.  So much of the materials that went into an arcology were devoted to the division and protection of private property, it was clear to them that it was the primary concern.

Corporate Arcology

Main article: Corporate Arcology

Corporate Arcology is a response to opportunity rather than crisis - though they're generally two sides of the same coin, depending on your socioeconomic status.

The Corporate Arco presumes a single owner, and much of its design is compartmentalized according to function rather than ownership. However, most Corporate Arcos have public and retail levels, but they tend to be more segregated and homogenous than in more public designs. 


Main article: Eco-Arcology

As Architectural Arcology began as a project for sustainability, Eco-Arcology is considered to be the movement most in line with it. 

Eco-Arcologies are at worst carbon-neutral, and in many cases have a negative carbon balance depending on local conditions. The amenities therein tend to be limited, as reduced consumption of energy is generally the best way to reduce pollution.

Fosterite Arcology

Main article: Fosterite Arcology

The Fosterites are an unique movement, working from Xena Kova's exegesis of The Foster Manifesto as if it were a blueprint for a perfect society. As the Fosterite Empire's projects constituted the bulk of Arco construction, Fosterite Arcology became the mainstream of the field despite outrage about its unethical designs, called "Manifest Apartheid."

Post-Fosterite Arcology

Main article: Post-Fosterite Arcology

A critical movement in response to the Fosterites. It eliminates the most onerous aspects of racial and class apartheid without truly eliminating those systems. For example, it eliminates StructuralAllomorphism without the radical changes of the Marxists.

Luxury Arcology

Main article: Luxury Arcology

Also known as "Retail Arcology," "Tourist Arcology," and various other epithets, Luxury Arcology is the design of major portions of the structure for non-resident populations. Those portions are generally heavily packed with amenities. The service sectors are generally utilitarian.

Hive Arcology

Main article: Hive Arcology

Hive Arcos are designed purely for efficiency, eschewing any aesthetic or quality-of-life considerations. Most private quarters are little more than CoffinHabitations, and amenities are at a minimum. 

Flux Arcology

Main article: Flux Arcology

A Flux Arcology is designed with modularity in mind. Their structure allows for easy modification down to the deepest Infrastructure, and they are the most adaptable to changing demands.

Arterial Arcology

Main article: Arterial Arcology

Conceptualized by Paolo Soleri, the Arterial Arcology is designed to build around transit routes rather than serve as a hub for them. This alleviates overconcentration at hubs, thereby allowing for more flexible interconnection between arteries.


Main article: Arcoplexology

Arcoplexology is the study of interlinking Arcologies, the various products of which are called Arcoplex.


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Notes taken from other articles or portions of them.

Even the need to be outdoors could be met inside, as entire levels were devoted to natural areas, and left partly open to let residents experience the elements if they chose.

Inexorably, every public crisis is used as an excuse for government austerity, a reduction of corporate obligations, and a deepening of public-private partnerships that serve only the latter. Outside the Arcologies, economies are chaotic and unfair, but largely left to their own devices. Informal or shadow economies commonly arise to address the failures of the old states. As the Arcos are easier to control, more valuable, wholly private, and specifically prepared for climate collapse, the corps allow the Outside to decay. (MERGE)

When climate collapse becomes undeniably evident and changes are occurring too quickly to predict, many governments resort to totalitarian measures to maintain order. Generally, the world is in chaos as people scramble to adjust to the now-unbreathable air, flooding cities, and a global tsunami of refugees. Outside the Arcos, air filtration in city centers is the top infrastructure priority. Gigantic filters are made to sanitize the air. Much like our big cities were covered in a halo of smog, the cities of the future are pockets of clean, breathable air amid an unbreathable environment.(merge)

Greater emphasis is instead placed on disaster mitigation and diversification of habitats. Vital resources become more scarce and wars erupt between the major empires and their neighbors. [See Walled World map] The Global South experiences severe drought, desertification and food & water crises, and the borders to the North are fortified against waves of refugees.(merge)

Originally, they became popular choices due to the Climate Refugee Crisis, that led to a racial/class panic and exodus from the cities themselves.(merge)


In addition, the Fosterite Empire put so much of this science into practice that its assumption of Homunculus Apartheid within Maintenance Interstices was implicit in much of their design. But since the bulk of Applied Arcologists were employed in such a culture, this led directly to the Fosterite Arcology.

Sources Cited



The MMFC began as a volunteer organization of fans and happy employees at Bart Gisneg World. Their self-assigned duties within the park generally consisted of a gentle and friendly policing of guests to watch their conduct - generally keeping people from littering, and other benign things like that.

As part of the agreement for Swanstone's acquisition of the The Bart Gisneg Company (long after the park was enclosed and submerged), GisnegWorld Undersea Arcology was omitted from most oversight as the exclusive domain of the Gisneg company. As part of this agreement, the MMFC was made into the official law enforcement agency for the arcology.

They now generally enforce the same things, but with extreme measures. Infractions include:

  • Littering
  • Straying from designated areas
  • Not having a good time, all the time
  • Refusal to join in impromptu musical performances

Started as a mining colony created by LodeStar Resource Logistics Group in 2136 to extract the massive reserves of platinum and nickel on 116 Gorée. Corporate leadership dictated its administration when it was simply a mining colony. After the AI Wars erupted, the massive influx of refugees made mining operations impractical. When the wars were over, mineral extraction of platinum was too labor-intensive compared to salvage, or to newly gate-accessible sources, so operations never resumed.

Population swelled with refugees during the AI Wars. Now largely abandoned, but still a notable transit hub in the belt. Technically under the jurisdiction of United Laniakean Incorporated Sovereignties & Indentured States (ULISIS), but little presence.

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UnGary is the Ambassador of Gary (City-State). The title is not limited to a single person, nor is the ambassadorship designated to any foreign power. 

In fact, no one in Gary (Regime) even remembers what an ambassador is or does. They just know that it makes one different, and being different is UnGary (Punishment)

Ascension to the ambassadorship is always simultaneous with exile. UnGary is adorned with ceremonial garb in the most insulting fashion, paraded in public to the jeers of Gary (Culture), and officially ejected. 

If UnGary is unlucky, they go to Outlands, where they almost never last more than a week.

If UnGary is lucky, they go to Chicago, the Regime making use of a hoard of un-redeemed winning lots in the Chicago Citizenship Lottery. They become an ambassador to Chicago, where they almost never last more than two weeks.

The Bull Age is the period of Boduan Natural History characterized by an earlier form of Mother Lomoi (Boduan), who competed for survival by forcefully uprooting neighbors. It was supplanted by the Mother Age about 6-7 million years ago. 


Main Article: Competitive Uprooting

Between the modern "Mother" species, an uprooting takes about 1,200 years on average, and they occur about every 200 years.

Their predecessors, the "Bull" species, grew much more aggressively. Uprootings are estimated to have occurred around every 50 years on average, with the process averaging about 600 years to elapse.

Effect on Fauna

See also: Fauna of Bodue

The increased precarity of dwellings placed great pressure on oviparous species, and a good number of them went extinct during the Bull Age. Marsupial and viviparous species fared somewhat better, in many cases acquiring a roaming tendency.

Nearly all species on Bodue can now identify when an Uprooting is taking place, and will instinctually avoid the tree that is to be uprooted.

Effect on Flora

See also: Flora of Bodue

The Bull Age brought the near-monopoly of the Lomoi over most of the biomass on Bodue. Flora that relied on symbiotic relationships with Lomoi, whether parasite or epiphyte, flourished and diversified. 

Free-standing plants were almost all wiped out from the various forms of turmoil that Lomoi wrought on their environments. Those that survived evolved to reproduce quickly and spread far, in order to either outrun the Lomoi or grow on their new Pseudofloors. 

TODO: Copy some squalorous social dynamics from Hamsters:

Those raised in the Appalachian Mountain Range Cave Complex are known as Feral Blues. They are a sister subspecies of Delta-Homunculi.

Those raised in civilization develop psychologically as normal Humanoids and are generally called Delta Blues, DBs or Blues. Their numbers are relatively small compared to other humanoid groups, as the feral population generates few refugees able to be domesticated. There are small enclaves of Blues living in civilization, though their numbers remain small. 

To refer to the genetic group that encompasses Ferals & Delta Blues, I will use the term Blues.


The Appalachian Mountain Range Cave Complex is a sprawling network of occupied caves, most of them too cramped for a Beta-Human, and the very narrowest even a challenge to fit for a Delta-Homunculus.



Blues exhibit the following differences from baseline Delta-Homunculi. Ferals experience predictable developmental aberrations to their anatomy due to adaptation to their environment. But unless otherwise noted, the differences below are genetic.

  • Inter-fertility between baseline Deltas & Blues
  • Smaller & more recessed eyes, with a sunken, beady appearance.
  • Extreme light sensitivity and intolerance of normal lighting. guaranteedBlindnessForBluesWNoEyePro in Blues who live in well-lit environments if they do not take special care of their eyes. Delta Blues will often keep their homes pitch black, and wear protective goggles in normal-light settings. Some go a surgical route, having Photo-Protective Lens Implants installed in their eyes.
  • Elongated earlobes with pointed tips
  • Entire nose lowered and flattened, giving a snoutlike appearance. Ferals often have relatively minor calluses and lithodermia buildup around their nostrils.
  • Elongated and thickening finger and toe nails, generally kept about 1" in Delta Blues. Ferals' talons get up to 4" from lithodactyly. The talon encases the outermost phalanx of the fingers, facilitating climbing.
  • 20% smaller body mass in total in Ferals partly due to malnourishment and close quarters. Delta Blues tend toward 10% less body mass compared to mainstream Deltas.
  • Proportionally narrower skeletons
  • Proportionally shorter limbs
  • More flexible spines
  • Ubiquitous double-jointedness and a contortionist's level of flexibility
  • Elongated skulls
  • Long, protruding teeth that grow continually. This is an adaptation to their Alimentation habits, as the friction of scraping stone would erode the enamel a normal humanoid's teeth in a matter of months. It is a matter of hygiene for Delta Blues to file their teeth to shorter & more manageable form. Some choose to express themselves by preferring creative shapes for their teeth, most notably a fang fashion. Ferals' teeth are often heavily calcified through lithodontism, at an average length of 1"-1.5". 
  • An about 30% longer, slightly narrowing tongue. Ferals' are often elongated through use to about 200% the normal length, and deeply callused in layers of peeling flesh & glossolithic buildup, giving the surface a dry, stony appearance. They often hang out of the mouth freely. The genetic difference is small enough that it's not easily noticeable in Delta Blues, unless you meet one who's a giver ;)
  • Pale, non-melanogenic skin with a bluish hue. Feral Deltas often have a very slightly clammy consistency, due to their damp environment. 
  • Genetic resistance to birth defects effected by inbreeding (a genetic callus?)
  • Highly flexible cartilaginous ribcage
  • Highly effective lungs
  • Ability to bark at a [high] dB volume
  • Thick, durable eardrums particularly resistant to trauma from force or pressure. At the same time, they are highly sensitive to the point of enabling most Ferals to FeralEcholocation effectively, a skill that comes naturally to Delta Blues who choose to cultivate it.
  • Increased risk of late-life disease, due to short reproductive cycles in Feral population. 
  • Decreased (10%) life expectancy


Not all of the above differences are fully genetic, as the population has not had that long to adapt. The elongated nails and sharper teeth are due to the bulk of the Ferals' diet consisting of of native cave slime mold. To get every precious fragment of the mold, they have to scrape the surface of the host rock with their nails, and depending on the amount of strain they're feeling, their toenails, teeth or tongue. 

Effectively, the parts they use to scrape rocks are elongated, narrowing (sharpened), dry, and stonelike in appearance, due to the parallel formations of Lithodermia, Glossolithia, Lithodontism and Lithodactyly. In shortest terms, the parts of the body they are scratching with develop thick calluses, denser bones, calcified nails/teeth, and eventual inflammation and dryness due to deposits of stone in the layers of nearly-dead flesh. The ability of their bodies to accept and integrate these stony deposits is called Lithomorphia.

This isn't their entire diet, though. Ferals will eat anything organic they can find, including subterranean rodents, insects, worms, and each other. More on the cannibalism later.

And... one more thing.


Oh, they're already charming already, aren't they? Well, they also endlessly consume their shit and piss and have adapted to survive on that too. Hey, food in the caves is hard to come by.

Blues in general have extremely robust digestion, most notably able to digest carrion and relatively collagenic(?) plant matter. 


Ferals spend a lot of their time in a light slumber, occasionally jolting or barking to keep invaders from their territory or mate-guard.


Feras live a life of extreme privation and brutality. Their life expectancy is about 18-22, and the time they do have is extremely unpleasant.

There is evidence of the use of tools in Ferals, usually stone scrapers, or mashers for herbal balms to the perpetual injuries of Feral Blue Syndrome and a harsh life to boot. But digital manipulation is relatively difficult for ferals, due to Lithodactyly.

The Family Unit in Ferals

Society extends no further than the Family in Ferals. The Family is generally very small in number: 

First, a child is born to parents and they cohabitate until the child comes of age. Infant mortality is high, and in such cases the child is consumed by the parents, or just the father if times are hard and he wants to be selfish. And if the baby and the female died, well buddy, you got yourself a good ol' country buffet. The father may also choose to eat his mate or children at a later date. Nothing's set in stone, as they say.

For a male, maturity is generally when he becomes large and aggressive enough to compete for mates with his father. He leaves the cave, often venturing miles before he finds an unoccupied chamber or perishes on the way, fodder for the locals to feast on. 

For a female, maturity is when she reaches sexual maturity and seeks a mate in another cave or inbreeds with her father or sibling. 

If there are relatively few intra-family conflicts on mates and foraging, Ferals may cohabitate, forming a FeralClan. But this is a loose animalistic association, prone to fracture.

Territory, Barking & Echolocation

Territory plays an important role in the Feral's life. They spend much of their non-foraging time barking at the borders of their territory to scare away competition or attract mates. Some may sneak into others' territory to forage secretly, though this is grounds for physical combat if they're caught.

Their eardrums have developed into a robust yet sensitive form, able to hear echoed barks from far within the cave complex. It is estimated that they know the voices of each neighbor distinctly within a mile or two, though they may never meet in person.

Reproduction & Courtship

Ferals come to sexual maturity quickly, and reproduce quickly since their average life expectancy excluding stillborn is something like 18 years. The cave complexes are a sweltering hive of pheremones... if you're into that.

Male Ferals will bark into the neighboring caves to attract a mate, usually the daughter of one of their immediate or near neighbors, which often results in a challenge to her father or existing mate, or to the female herself if she is not interested and puts up a fight. Sadly, rape is ubiquitous among the feral populations, though it is simply one avenue the species uses to initiate a later stable family unit.

The females have been observed to exit their parents' domain when a neighboring male attracts them through a courtship display, most frequently the presentation of a food gift.

The bodily remains of a rival are considered the most desirable food gift. In the event that that rival was the female's parent or former mate, the female tends to enter a submissive behavioral pattern, or escapes this cave to a new mate. Effectively, simply killing a female's current mate to take her as their own own is a less preferred strategy, if not because it tends to just make them resentful at best and unwilling at worst, but also due to the high risk of infection when engaging in physical combat with other Ferals.

Delta Blues in Modern Societies

As noted above, Delta Blues develop normally in a psychosocial sense. However, they are frequent targets of discrimination, known in some places as the pejorative Ghoul (Slur). Many backwards places assume that all Blues act like Ferals, though the behaviors are purely environmental.

The Flesheaters is a well-known media misrepresentation of Blues, but it makes money so they're not going to stop anytime soon.

Blues' voices tend to be raspy or husky.

Blues tend to excel at the same carrers as baseline Deltas, but have especial advantages in any profession that benefits from total darkness;

- Mining & cave exploration

- Commando night operations

- Tracking & Hunting

- Anything involving climbing

______ (Fyllarch, literally "Leaf Ruler") is a term with various usages. It mimics legitimate feudal titles like Kormarch & Cladarch, but is not itself an actual title given by any Haaru courts. 

This term has historically been applied to nobles to demean the significance of their domain.

In modern usage, it refers to a greedy or petty person who lacks humility, but has little to show for it. It is a term of ridicule, implying that the target thinks themselves grand and mighty but in fact rules little.


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