Kanka cresce e migliora costantemente è vogliamo che il mondo conosca tutte le magnifiche cose che stiamo aggiungendo all'app.

18 Month Status Report

Da Ilestis 1 settimana fa

Crossing the 10'000 users, 150 patreons, and coming close to 500 Discord users.

Version 0.20.1

Da Ilestis 1 settimana fa

Entity Notes "only for me", Location Maps improvements, and Character's personality traits bug fix.

Roadmap April 2019

Da Ilestis 2 settimane fa


Version 0.20.0

Da Ilestis 3 settimane fa

Campaign Owners "View As" option, API lastSync parameter, export cyrillic support, and mobile bug fixes.

Discord Turns One!

Da Ilestis 1 mese fa

The Discord server turns one and has 400 members in it. Come join us!

Version 0.19.0

Da Ilestis 1 mese fa

Entity Mentioned In, History Log, Copy Entity Notes, Type suggestions, Calendar Dates auto-select current date, Default personality visibility, and more.

Roadmap March 2019

Da Ilestis 1 mese fa

March will focus on improving all entities and reusing data.

Version 0.18.0

Da Ilestis 1 mese fa

Community Attribute Templates, Patron Default Icons, Nested Views by default, Permissions on entity creation, and much more!

Version 0.17.1

Da Ilestis 2 mesi fa

Calendar Reminders actions, Nested View bug fixes.

Version 0.17.0

Da Ilestis 2 mesi fa

Public API, Improved text editor, Calendar intercalary days, Campaign total entities, Locations submenus, and many bug fixes.

Version 0.16.0

Da Ilestis 2 mesi fa

Kanka in Hungarian!

Version 0.15.1

Da Ilestis 2 mesi fa

Dashboard Campaign Widget improvements, Public Campaign tutorial, and fixes in mentions.

Roadmap February 2019

Da Ilestis 2 mesi fa

February will be focused on a better text editor.

Version 0.15.0

Da Ilestis 2 mesi fa

Auto updating mentions. Social login switcher. Sharing previews. Videos in entries. And more!

Version 0.14.2

Da Ilestis 2 mesi fa

Quick entity creator, improved dashboards, family parent families, nested views, calendar bug fixes and more.