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Laurence "Lola" Bouderaux


Dato inserito

Lola is an evocation master, originally from Niphil.

Her mother had to give her up for adoption when she was born, and left never to be heard from again. Ever since she was young, Lola had an interest in magic, she read in a library that there exists a powerful evocation spell called Telepathy, and she decided to pursue this spell in order to be able to communicate with her long lost mother.

She became a master of Evocation when the years passed, but she never managed to get her hands on that particular spell.



Lola hears of the Art auction that will take place in Mithrahall, she hopes to find a scroll of Telepathy there and purchase it so she could attempt to talk to her mother.



Lola buys a scroll of Telepathy from the Art auction in Mithrahall



Lola takes her scroll of Telepathy after the auction finishes and uses it to try and contact her lost mother. She fails to get any response.

After a lifetime of searching, when she finally got her hands on the scroll it gave her no comfort, her mother probably passed away. Broken, Lola starts looking for a new goal in life, something meaningful that will help others.



Eldes Young runs into Lola on the streets of Neverwinter, he asks her to work for him as a master of Evocation on The Academy Land.

Lola hapily agrees and goes to Phandalin to get settled immediatly.


The Academy Land

Lola starts working at The Academy Land as a master of Evocation.

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