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In hindsight, allowing an architect suspected of madness was probably not a sound decision.  But the money and influence of Darin ir'Taran likely contributed to such an arrangement.  Nevertheless, Darin's attempt to "showcase the majestic wonder of Sentran art and architecture throughout the ages" is eye catching.  Although most buildings do show characteristic stylings of historical Sentran architecture, there are notable influences of Caithan, Gnomish, and ancient Elvish styles.  Somehow, even examples of Dwarven architecture have been pointed out by visiting dwarven dignitaries.  The more bizarre structures are supposedly based on the divine homes of the gods, leading some credence to the idea that Darin may have been divinely inspired.

Darin's Folly has become a bit of a tourist location as visitors (and locals) gawk at the architecture.  Scattered throughout are inexpensive inns, pubs, restaurants, and taverns.  There is a great deal of gambling, both out in the open in officially licensed gambling houses and behind closed doors in more seedy locations.

Places of Interest

Dark Horse Den is a gambling house controlled by the Cornys Family through several intermediaries.  It is a fully legal and licensed establishment... or at least what goes on out in the open is.

The Temple of Folly is devoted to Lakasis and a popular spot for gamblers, although by the time they need to make an offering they are already out of money.  The structure is based on Darin's own interpretation of the holy house of Lakasis.

The Welcome Chill is run by a pair of gnome sisters, Enlil and Lilen, who use their minor magic gifts to keep drinks cold for their patrons.  Unfortunately, the building follows old gnomish architectural styles, and the ceiling is a bit low.  Anyone over six feet will need to stoop or duck, but the tavern is popular with neighborhood gnomes, dwarves, and nezumi.


Art by Jongmin Ahn.

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