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(Ⅶ) The Centaur

Dato inserito

"These two groups of stars are sometimes called The Centaur and The Scorpion, after a very old tale."

"A centaur came across a scorpion stuck in a puddle of mud.  The scorpion begged for help, but the centaur was afraid of getting stung, and so he trotted away and left her to die.

A gust of wind blew a branch into the puddle, and the scorpion was able to scramble along it to escape. She then followed the centaur's hoof prints, seeking revenge on the selfish beast that had refused to help her.  She found the centaur sleeping in a shady glen and stung him in the throat.

As the lethal venom coursed through his veins, the centaur thrashed about until one of his hooves landed on the scorpion, crushing her.  'If you hadn't sought revenge, we'd have both be alive!' the centaur lamented with his dying breath. 'If you had helped me, I wouldn't have sought revenge!' the scorpion replied."