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The storm relented. Light broke through the clouds, spilling down onto the marble pediments and wet paving stones of the city. Dazed citizens beginning to emerge from their homes. Before long, the silence that came after the storm is replaced by a wave of sound as thousands of citizens started clapping and cheering.  Cries of  “The Heroes of Thylea!”, “The Chosen Oness” and “Peacebringerrsss!” could be heard. As The Heroes of Thylea and the Gods recovered there was a wooshing noise, King Acastus riding Icarus in the sky, surveying his domain. The Dragon roared and headed back to the castle. Everyone helped each other on their feet, Talieus taking the opportunity to explain how he thinks the New Dragonlords are a force for good to Tryntia. She told him that her ire was not directed to him but againt King Acastus, the descendant of Estor Arkelander.

The chosen ones headed back to the King, where they were praised and given a map leading to the legendary Ultros as a reward. The party raised some concerns that some of his closest advisors were allied with the Titans but the King explaiened how important to peace was keeping a balance between all the factions in the city. The King showcased a keen understanding of what makes people tick. However while he spoke he revealed that the Ultros was captained by bandits which rang false to the heroes. They kept quiet about it but it was noted. As he finished his speech he dismissed the heroes and wished them well on their journey out of his city. As the heroes were leaving they were intercepted by the Queen's bodyguard Makhaira who informed them that the Queen wished to speak to them. The heroes promised they  would but set to securing lodgings first. Taran, a powerful noble descended from Adonis Neurdagon himself offered his house to them for no cost. While his guards seemed similar to the soldiers that served the Temple of Sydon, his hospitality was impecable and they were invited to a feast in their honour. Before this was done however, Praxos called a team meeting, to discuss the heroes next steps. Much talk was had, around the reappearance of Dragons and all the events they had seen so far.

After this talk they headed to meet Queen Vallus. They saw the Queen being extremely busy, tending to the administration needed to rebuild the city. She warned them not to trust her husband and suspected him sending them to the Ultros was expected to end in their death. He was not always such a paranoid man but she admitted that he had trouble sleeping and seemed distrubed by something. She does not know from where he obtained Dragons All that withstanding, she admited that the ship needed to be rercovered if the heroes wanted to venture to the sea. To that end, she asked the heroes to come straight to her when they retrieved the ship as if the public was made aware that it was THEY who reclaimed the King would have to honour that and not claim The Ultros for himself. Additinally, the Queen asked them to do anything they could to help the city and spread the word of the five. The ritual that they cast to dispell the storm had left all of them euxhasted. Things like damaging the reputatyion of the Titans temples or looking into the flooded sewers would all help.

In the end she revealed information that could help the heroes such as the location of one of the old flying fortressess of The Order of the Dragonlords which could be found in the Garden of Sconosciuto. She said that while he thinks himself as a god he is a vain and foolish creature. The garden of Helios is found under the constellation of the chariot with the heart tree being under the constellation of the heart. Finally she warned them to beware Sydons and Lutherias children, known as the The New Titans.

The heroes then went to The Academy of Mytros where they engaged in debate and sought knowledge. Their day ended in the feast at Tarans where they were asked to elimintae Sconosciuto for a large monetrary amount and perhaps future funding of their expedition. He explaiend that her activities were extremely damaging to the cities prosperity and slowed down the rebuilding needed to be done. Sullas, Tarans song tried to use the heroes influence to secure an audience with Vallus who he wanted to seduce but when that did not appear achiavable he asked Euryale out. To everyones suprise she agreed and they would meet at the great gardens on the morrow.

In essense they now need to discredit the temples of the twins; fix the sewers; reclaim the Ultros; romance Sullas; travel to the heart tree; find the garden of helios; find the dragonlords’ flying fortress; deal with the lady of coins for Taran; find the island of Helona; head back to the island of Themis; find the lotus witch; find the seers; defeat or reason with the twin titans, and probably a lot more.
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