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(S06) The Sacrifice

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The Heroes of Thylea wake up after their stay at the inn and visit Volkan first thing.

They found the blacksmith and his assistant Theo packing a cart. Volkan informed them that not only had he enchanted the shield tht Praxos had crafted to animate the Dragon figure and roar but had decided to accompany the heroes to the Mithral Mountains in order to help them Light the Fires of the Mithral Forge.

However, before they could leave The City of Estoria they were interrupted by Guards who informed them that King Pythor wished to speak to them immediately. Our heroes took some time with Eurytus asking Theo to think about crafting some equipment for him and Praxos encouraging the youth by telling him he was part of the legend the party eventually found themselves in Pythors throne room. The King immediately recognised Selene and joyously confirmed that he was her Father. He informed her that he thought her mother was killed by Hexia his ex-wife but if the prophecy indicated there was hope perhaps she was alive.

After some thought and some rousing from Kyrah, Poet Laureate of Mytros and Aella, The Whirlwind Pythor informed the party that a delegation from The Order of Sydon was demanding that he sacrifice Anora to Sydon or the city would be razed by the massive army on the north.

The party met Gaius, a thoroughly unpleasant individual who introduced himself as the Commander of The Order of Sydon and it was quickly proven that no competent negotiation could occur. The Heroes of Thylea did some frantic troubleshooting and decided that getting rid of the Basillisks may make the process easier. Fortunately, it seemed that Euryale had prior knowledge of the creatures and was able to convince them to sit this one out.

The sacrifice started but as time passed and the Basillisks did not show Gaius and his captain departed in disgust and the heroes were attacked by loathsome Harpies, frustrated at how their masters plans had been foiled. The heroes destroyed them with nary a sweat broken.

Pythor welcomed the heroes back with open arms and warm hugs (those he managed to reach) and declared a week of festivities to commence in The City of Estoria. During the celebrations, Pythor gave Selene his legendary Hammer. While she was not able to use it (it needing the physique of a legendary athlete rather than a graceful bard he let her know that her grandfather Volkan (Who was indeed also Volkan The Blacksmith) would be able to use the hammer to craft new items.

Volkan The Blacksmith confirmed this and presented Selene with a beautiful instrument case that could fit an amazing amount of stuff easily.

The heroes then shortly left the city and made their way to the Mithral Mountains. A small meeting with a band of Centaurs resolved in a peaceful way as their leader, Hukar informed Eurytus that he respected him and would not do him harm. He warned them of Troglodytes in the mountains and gave them three potions made by the blood of the tribe and blessed by Sydon. He knows of their quest but urged them to consider the wisdom of the Sky Father, Sydon.

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