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"The elves are among the oldest of the mortal races in Toril, their origins go as far back as the first era and perhaps even before then. They are known for their beauty and their grace but hardly for their civility. Very few have ever seen their cities or been permitted into their lands. I once had the honor to visit one of their cities on my travels, what I witnessed was breath taking. The city itself was falling to ruin, portions of it left uninhabited. Despite the neglect and ravages of time the grandeur was still there. A legacy tracing back millennia, I could see the roots of nearly every culture tracing back to the designs of the elves. Everywhere I go has been shaped by elves, either to imitate what these ancients perceived as perfection, or in contrasting rebellion to it. The elves are a declining race, with few left in our world now and where they are going is unknown. What I do know is that through us their mark will remain on this world long after the hand to make it has crumbled to dust." ― Extract from "Sails and Shores", Famed Travelogue of Joan the Balduran

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