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For over 800 years, the dwarves of Idelas had been the driving force of civilization, building marvels powered by steam and kinetic energy. Often helped by their gnome allies, the dwarven clans continued to expand their reach, ruled over by the kings of the anvil mountains. All of that changed when, 347 years ago, magic entered the world. Tholes Drewhart, forever known as the first wizard, discovered the arcane power almost by accident. His death would come swiftly after, as his experiments into magic became increasingly reckless. This became a common story, with many seeking magical powers falling to their own experiments. Yet, much knowledge was gained, and the power seemed limitless. As magic grew, reliance on dwarven invention slackened. The dwarven civilization fell-not all at once, and not through battles or disunity, but through the simple fact that a kingdom is expensive, and the world was no longer buying. Magic continues to grow in prominence, and no limitations hav ...

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