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Consarcio is a land both fought over and betrayed by the gods, the continents are diverse in culture, populous, and even topography. And while the world may seem safe, wherever the light lays, shadow shall always remain.

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The Continent of Vinado is a diverse area of land, divers in both population and geography. The entire continent is practically controlled by the same nation, the nation of Vinado.

There are small sections of the land controlled by smaller "nations", though they are not recognised by the Intercontinental Alliance. Many of these nations stay in the mountains to the south and behind the hills to the east, as well as the many islands between Vinado and Evelmore.

Consarcio is the name given to the material plane by the denizens of the many planes, given to it after the war of the gods. The name denotes that though they were broken, it can be stitched back together and it will be.

The Continent of Dialecium is a continent made of mainly desert and, similar to Vinado, it is ruled by one government. Dialecium is a continent scalded by the war of the gods, a nation united in order to stand and survive this desolate and dry landscape.

The noble people who live, or have lived, on the continent are stronger and more capable than the Vinado Aristocrats much more like the common folk of Vinado.

The Continent of Evelmore is the most naturalistic of the four main continents, it is the least deforested and the most "chaotic" of the lot.

Evelmore is very nature-driven and a was once a "tribalistic" continent with three different and distinct cultures throughout. The history of Evelmore is widely celebrated, and its culture is influenced by the colonization from Vinado but not defined by it.

The Shattered Isles were once a continent of there own, but the name has been long forgotten. The continent was destroyed during the war of the gods, and now much of the history of those lands are lost.

The Shattered Isles are where many of the stranger races of the material plane call home, it is believed that the continent that once was there was a utopia for all the refugees of the interplanar wars. The survivors of the Shattering now live on the islands, having to restart to get back to a place they used to have.

The Continent of Baurothia is a snowy continent full of tundras and snow planes, with barely any of the continent missing snow. The Continent is split into two different nations, both wanting to be known as Baurothia.

Baurothia is a continent scarred by war, scarred by war between men but the war of gods still leaves an open wound. The continent is split in half, and partially isolated, the continent will always be remembered and its stories are known.

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