A Kanka folyamatosan növekszik és fejlődik, és szeretnénk, hogy tudjatok minden király dologról, amit hozzáadunk.

Roadmap August 2019

Ilestis 5 napja

Bulk Permission Edit!

Version 0.25.1

Ilestis 1 hete

Calendar Reminders, delete messages from Conversations, Tags nested view and bug fixes.

Version 0.25.0

Ilestis 3 hete

Relations: Starred, Attitude, Mirrored & Visibility.

Version 0.24.0

Ilestis 1 hónapja

New tag options, Entity File permissions, Share your last login time, Quest roles, Permissions improvements, Queued emails, and more!

Roadmap July 2019

Ilestis 1 hónapja

Improved Relations

Roadmap June 2019

Ilestis 1 hónapja

Entity File & Entity Note permissions, Quest roles and nested view improvements.

Version 0.23.0

Ilestis 2 hónapja

Pinned Attributes, Attribute Templates associated to entity types, and bug fixes.

Version 0.22.0

Ilestis 2 hónapja

New Forms, inventory description, nicer dashboard, filter results, character tooltip, api permissions, calendar moon shift and more.

Roadmap May 2019

Ilestis 3 hónapja

New Forms & Improved Inventories

Version 0.21.0

Ilestis 3 hónapja

Inventories, Session keep alive, Delete confirmations, Map legends, and more!

18 Month Status Report

Ilestis 4 hónapja

Crossing the 10'000 users, 150 patreons, and coming close to 500 Discord users.

Version 0.20.1

Ilestis 4 hónapja

Entity Notes "only for me", Location Maps improvements, and Character's personality traits bug fix.

Roadmap April 2019

Ilestis 4 hónapja


Version 0.20.0

Ilestis 4 hónapja

Campaign Owners "View As" option, API lastSync parameter, export cyrillic support, and mobile bug fixes.

Discord Turns One!

Ilestis 4 hónapja

The Discord server turns one and has 400 members in it. Come join us!