A Kanka folyamatosan növekszik és fejlődik, és szeretnénk, hogy tudjatok minden király dologról, amit hozzáadunk.

Two Years of Kanka and Future Goals

Ilestis 48 perce

Changes to Patreon and plan to guarantee continued improvement to Kanka.


Ilestis 4 napja

Missing text from campaign entities and how to recover them following the mentions update.

Two Year Review

Ilestis 1 hete

Stats regarding Kanka two years after launch.

Version 0.27.0

Ilestis 3 hete

Mentions engine version 3, new attribute buttons, more dashboard control, and more.

Version 0.26.1

Ilestis 1 hónapja

Permissions and default visibility

Roadmap September 2019

Ilestis 1 hónapja

The Patrons have voted: more attributes!

Version 0.26.0

Ilestis 2 hónapja

Bulk permissions edit & copy to my campaign.

Roadmap August 2019

Ilestis 2 hónapja

Bulk Permission Edit!

Version 0.25.1

Ilestis 2 hónapja

Calendar Reminders, delete messages from Conversations, Tags nested view and bug fixes.

Version 0.25.0

Ilestis 3 hónapja

Relations: Starred, Attitude, Mirrored & Visibility.

Version 0.24.0

Ilestis 3 hónapja

New tag options, Entity File permissions, Share your last login time, Quest roles, Permissions improvements, Queued emails, and more!

Roadmap July 2019

Ilestis 3 hónapja

Improved Relations

Roadmap June 2019

Ilestis 3 hónapja

Entity File & Entity Note permissions, Quest roles and nested view improvements.

Version 0.23.0

Ilestis 4 hónapja

Pinned Attributes, Attribute Templates associated to entity types, and bug fixes.

Version 0.22.0

Ilestis 5 hónapja

New Forms, inventory description, nicer dashboard, filter results, character tooltip, api permissions, calendar moon shift and more.