A Kanka folyamatosan növekszik és fejlődik, és szeretnénk, hogy tudjatok minden király dologról, amit hozzáadunk.

Roadmap Early 2020

Ilestis 2 hete

More calendar options and Magic & Powers!

Release 0.30.2

Ilestis 2 hete

First batch of improvements and bug fixes for 2020.

Release 0.30.1

Ilestis 1 hónapja

Type field suggestions based on recency and various bugfixes.

Release 0.30

Ilestis 1 hónapja

Submenu ordering, Quest and Campaign Modules interface improvements, Location Families.

Release 0.29

ArcOnyx 2 hónapja

Bulk Edit, Batch Tagging, and more Colours everywhere!

Roadmap End of 2019

Ilestis 2 hónapja

Results of the Patreon vote: Bulk Editing and Batch Tagging!

Release 0.28

Ilestis 3 hónapja

Boosted Campaigns, Mentions v3.1, Cleanup Relations, Permission helpers, Dashboard improvements and more.

Two Years of Kanka and Future Goals

Ilestis 3 hónapja

Changes to Patreon and plan to guarantee continued improvement to Kanka.


Ilestis 3 hónapja

Missing text from campaign entities and how to recover them following the mentions update.

Two Year Review

Ilestis 3 hónapja

Stats regarding Kanka two years after launch.

Version 0.27.0

Ilestis 4 hónapja

Mentions engine version 3, new attribute buttons, more dashboard control, and more.

Version 0.26.1

Ilestis 4 hónapja

Permissions and default visibility

Roadmap September 2019

Ilestis 4 hónapja

The Patrons have voted: more attributes!

Version 0.26.0

Ilestis 5 hónapja

Bulk permissions edit & copy to my campaign.

Roadmap August 2019

Ilestis 5 hónapja

Bulk Permission Edit!