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Community Vote October 2020
szeptember 24, 2020
Community Vote September 2020
augusztus 25, 2020
Community Vote August 2020
július 27, 2020
Community Vote May 2020
április 27, 2020

Community Vote September 2020

augusztus 25, 2020

Dear Subscribers,

It's that time of the month again where we call upon your infinite wisdom to help focus our work for the next month. Last month saw Timelines win by a large margin, yet we still ended up implementing all of the Filter options too (as well as a redesign of the sidebar and a brand new Kanka logo and icon).

September will be a single month focus again, and we expect the next community vote to focus on two months again.

Without further ado, here are the options.


The beloved calendar module is back on a community vote in 2020. We have a few features that we want to implement.

We want to allow nesting in the Calendars module, with an option to include the reminders of the parent calendar in the current calendar view, so that you can create a separate calendar per region/group (that shares the same setting) without cluttering a single calendar with everything. In the first phase, this would only work for calendars with the same day-month-year structure. If time and motivation is present, we can think about ways to include reminders from calendars with totally different structures.

We want to allow the moon offset to also be a fraction, now that the moon resolution phase can also be a fraction.

Lastly, the same way Maps can have groups, and markers can be attached to a group and their visibility toggled, we want to add groups to calendars and reminders, allowing you to quickly show/hide reminders from various groups.

Visual Relations

Our fantastic Discord user Guardian has been playing around with the API and a plugin that can create nice visuals for exploring relations between entities. I want to implement what he has worked on directly into the app to explore relations visually between entities, organisation members and family members in boosted campaigns.

Entity Templates

We want to add a way to set one of several entities as "templates", which would allow you to quickly create a new entity based on that entity either through the entity lists (option on the "new entity" button) as well as through the quick creator.

Nested calendars with reminder import on children calendars
A beautiful way to explore relations of entities, families and organisations
Define entity templates to quickly create similar entities

:résztvevő szavazott.

A szavazás a GTM időzóna szerinti augusztus 25, 2020 - szeptember 1, 2020 időpontok közötti tartott.

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