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Friss Szavazások

Beginning of 2023
december 30, 2022
End of 2022
szeptember 26, 2022
August 2022
július 26, 2022
July 2022
június 23, 2022
May 2022
április 23, 2022

End of 2022

szeptember 26, 2022

Dear Kanka users,

As hinted at in our Discord, we have a lot of things brewing in the background that we hope to start revealing next month for Kanka's fifth birthday. Part of these changes will include a discussion around community votes, to make them feel more impactful by voting on "big projects" rather than individual features. With bigger areas of focus, and Kanka's growing complexity, each new update takes us more time. We therefore hope that this longer term view allows us to deliver more stable updates, and also deliver them in smaller batches and improve new features faster based on community feedback, rather than the feedback going in the backlog and staying there for multiple years.

With that in mind, here are the three options we have for our focus over the course of Q4 2022.


While powerful and flexible, setting up maps can be a painful experience. We want to re-think the whole experience for maps, to make them easier and faster to set up and edit, allow mass updates on markers, allow default values for markers, re-work the whole polygon creation, and in general make the whole experience a lot smoother.


Our beloved marketplace recently got a facelift, but now we want to focus on adding more features to it. We'd love to add a user review system, a way for deprecated plugins to be marked as such when their author is not as active, allowing multiple authors for reducing the strain on lone developers, and work on better documentation for plugin creators. Allowing custom javascript for character sheets is also something we are now willing to investigate.


It's been over a year that posts were moved to the main overview of an entity, and they are an integral part to most campaigns and how DMs keep secrets from their players. We'd like to expand them more, linking them to calendars through reminders, allowing posts to be tagged, allowing non-admins to set permissions on them, and adding a warning if multiple users are editing a post at the same time.


Remove the pain from setting up maps
Improve the marketplace experience
I want more stuff on posts!

:résztvevő szavazott.

A szavazás a GTM időzóna szerinti szeptember 26, 2022 - október 3, 2022 időpontok közötti tartott.

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