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Letters From Some Rich Asshole



A collection of letters which were presumably sent by the wealthy smuggler who paid the bribes for multiple ships in the commercial harbour.

To the charlatan spying on me at Wharf 09


I am no stranger to wandering eyes taking note of myself while I go about my business. This is inevitable, and so long as those wandering eyes keep wandering, and so long as the owners of those eyes restrain themselves only to their eyes, I am quite happy to tolerate it magnanimously as the cost of my station and stature.

I am, however, less accustomed to those eyes alighting with supernal magic.

This is something I neither expect nor tolerate from the unwashed and anonymous masses.

I am not an enemy to be taken lightly. I've destroyed my enemies and done so over similar circumstance. I have had a long and fruitful career, which I plan to continue to have for quite some time, and I have not done that by allowing unknown potential enemies to stalk me unawares.

I am also a potent ally to my friends. While I haven't made a career of letting enemies sleep well, nor have I succeeded by alienating potential friends. if you can provide me sufficient justification for your actions I am willing to let you be. If you can provide a strong enough incentive to hold my attention, I am willing to make available a portion of my considerable resources to your cause.

Circle One:

  • Vitae Imperium
  • Unaligned Ministry
  • Nameless Order
  • Other: _________

To the Clever Minx Who Left My Previous Letter in the Post Office

This letter was burnt after being read

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