Of the roughly two dozen sizable bandit groups and communities still operating within the Eldeen Reaches, the largest and most skilled is the army of Sutger, self-styled “Baron of Moss.” Sutger (NE male human scout 8) keeps a hidden forest estate somewhere in the Towering Wood and commands a retinue of over a hundred bandits and woodsmen. The baron’s soldiers waylay travelers, accept payment from outsiders to disrupt both Reacher and Aundairian communities, and have even been known to kidnap members of druid sects for ransom. Sutger has begun hunting down the region’s other bandits, bringing them under his rule or at least intimidating them into paying tribute. If left unchecked, it’s possible that Baron Sutger might succeed in establishing a “bandit empire” throughout the Eldeen Reaches large enough to rival any of the legitimate factions or governments.

This gallery showcases the work of over a dozen elf artisans. Much of the work in the Winding Root is wooden sculpture, but the gallery also sells tapestries, jewelry, and even clothing. The goods sold at the Winding Root are of the highest quality, often representing years or even decades of work, and the prices refl ect their perfection. When someone needs to find a gown or suit to wear to the Brelish Court, the Winding Root is a great place to visit—but the prices keep the gallery out of reach of all but the wealthiest citizens of Sharn. If someone wants to sell her work in the Winding Root, she must speak to the owner, Jhaia Thesaelia (N female elf commoner 7). Jhaia is only interested in the work of elven artisans, and items must have been produced with a minimum Craft skill check of DC 30. Her initial attitude is indifferent, and at this level she charges a 20% commission to sell an item. If she is friendly toward the artist, she drops her commission to 15%; if helpful, the cost is reduced to 10%.