The Deoshenge, also referred to as Godstone, is the main site of worship in Huldan, dedicated to Rae, Ien, and Jul. Located in the centre of Borealis, people journey from all around to pray and observe together.

Disciples of all the holy orders practice their faith here, and it remains a safe space for all to set aside their differences to receive blessings.

Purpose / Function

In clear line of sight to the skies above, precants kneel before the stones of their Gods and gaze upwards in prayer.

By the use of smaller godstones struck together, distinct ringing sounds can be produced as a call to the almighty, although no clear evidence has shown this to have any discernible effect aside from bringing forth pleasant noises.

Celebratory performances are also performed here that include singing, drinking, feasting, and the creation of music from the godstones.

Due to the openness of the area it is also easy to observe syzygy when the celestial bodies are rarely in alignment. It is unknown exactly when the last full occultation occurred, but ancient records of one event long ago recall of a time when Ien, Rae, and Jul crossed each other and created a scene that could only be described as sacred glory.


Formed of three unique megaliths each representing one of the Divine, collections of significantly smaller smooth stones lay beside them for devotees to claim from as a sacred totem meant to always connect them to their God.

Outside of some torches for light and a few cairns in memory of lost loved ones, the Deoshenge is very basic in design and offers a wide space in front of the standing stones for observations to take place.


Older than Borealis itself, the Deoshenge has been consecrated ground for as far back as the sagas tell, with nobody knowing the truth of who originally built it. Some speculate it was the Gods who did it as a memento of themselves they left behind on Kälran, whilst others believe primeval ancestors must have somehow done it.

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