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The Mithral Forge was a key component of the victory of the The Order of the Dragonlords over the armies of the The Ancient Titans.

The Dragonlords discovered this deposit of mithril and adamantine in the central mountain range of the new continent. For more than a decade, the mithral and adamantine was mined and used to forge weapons, armour, and magical artifacts for the mortal armies. The Titan, Lutheria, decided that something had to be done about the mine.

Lutheria unleashed a a terrifying cerberus hound to destroy the forge and slaughter the miners.After driving them out, the cerberus hound made a lair in the mines and began to spawn hundreds of death dogs. The Dragonlords tried to retake the forge, but they were repeatedly driven back until they were forced to abandon it entirely.For several centuries the hound watched over the ruined forge. 

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