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Campaign Boosters

Unlock advanced features for your Kanka campaigns for a small monthly fee. Customise the look and feel of a campaign, make the campaign ad-free, enjoy larger file uploads for all campaign members, and much more.

Starting at USD 5.00 per month

Campaign boosters take your Kanka experience to the next level

When a campaign gets boosted by one or more boosters, the following improvements gets unlocked for all members of the campaign.

Look & feel

Customise the campaign's sidebar, change the campaign's design via custom CSS, and install amazing and beautiful plugins from the Marketplace.

Look & feel
Better entities

Set header images for entities, write custom tooltips, give them aliases for search and mentions, and upload more assets on each entity.

Better entities
Peace of mind

Deleted an entity and changed your mind? No problem! Recover deleted entities for up to 30 days.


Get rid of limits to the number of members, roles, and quick links in the campaign.

Better defaults

Tired and confused by boring grey circles for entities with no image? Set default custom images for each entity type instead.

Better defaults
One for the gang

All members of the campaign get to enjoy it ad free, and also get access to larger file uploads.

Stupid sexy icons

Make maps and timelines pop with access to custom colours and thousands of icons through FontAwesome and RPGAwesome.

Stupid sexy icons
Web of connections

Visually explore the web of relations and connections of a campaign's entity.

Web of connections

Want even more? Don't just boost a campaign, superboost it!

Unlock the ultimate Kanka experience by superboosting a campaign. This assigns three boosters, enabling not only the normal boosted features, but a few extra spicy ones as well!

Campaign gallery

Manage the campaign's images in a gallery, rather than uploading images individually to each entity.


Need an extra nudge to create content for your world? The campaign achievements system might trick you into being productive!

Eyes everywhere

Full logs of changes made to entities available for up to 30 days. Changed a character's family but forgot the old one? This feature will remember for you.

Everything we just said, but in a table

A támogatói szintünk hozzáférést ad a megerősítőkhöz, amelyek segítségével meg tudod erősíteni vagy szupererősíteni a kampányokat. Ezzel a következő előnyöket kapod a kampányhoz. Egy kampány megerősítéséhez 1 megerősítőt használunk. A szupererősített kampányokhoz 3 megerősítőket használunk. Boosts can be moved around campaigns. For example if a campaign is over, you can unboost it and boost or superboost another campaign instead. Unboosting a campaign doesn't delete any data related to boosted features, but simply hides them until the campaign is boosted again.

Standard campaign Boost-olt kampány Szupererősített
Number of created entities in a campaign Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of members in a campaign 10 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of roles in a campaign 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Number of custom quick links in a campaign 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Megnövelt fájlfeltöltési korlát az összes Tag számára. 1 MB 8 MB 8 MB
Nincsenek reklámok a kampányban Yes Yes
Hozzáférés ehhez: Piactér Yes Yes
Rögzített kampány megjelenítési téma. Yes Yes
Kampány-függő egyedi CSS Yes Yes
Egyedi entitás tooltip-ek. Yes Yes
Entitás fejléc kép Yes Yes
Egyéni főoldal beállítása a kampány különböző szerepeinek Yes Yes
Saját alapértelmezett entitásképek beállítása Yes Yes
Külső forrásokra és oldalakra mutató linkek beállítása az entitásokon Yes Yes
Set aliases on entities for more flexible search and mentions Yes Yes
Access to thousands of icons for map markers and custom marker shapes Yes Yes
Customise the icon and colour of timeline elements Yes Yes
Entitások visszaállítása 30 napon belül Yes Yes
Fedezd fel az entitások viszonyait vizuálisan Yes Yes
Béta hozzáférés néhány új lehetőséghez a publikálás előtt 30 nappal. Yes Yes
Reorder and customise the sidebar of a campaign Yes Yes
Kampánygaléria és integráció a Summernote szövegszerkesztővel Yes
Teljes változás lista (30 napig) Yes
Kampányteljesítmények oldal Yes
Max feltöltött állomány entitásonként 3 5 10

Ok, take my money

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