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The gods created these stones, imbued with an aspect of the power of each of their domains.

These stones are the basis of all magical items, potions, scrolls, wands, etc. in the world (name tbd):

  • The Gods gave the strongest ones to adventurers in the First Era, which empowered legendary artifacts.
  • These gems resonate with the power of their divine domain.
  • Using this resonance, mages can copy power from one stone to a blank one, though the strength is lesser
  • Without the originals or knowledge of the proper process, copies can only be made from other copies, and the effects are getting weaker over time: most people only see weak effects: scrolls, wands, or potions.
  • Sometimes these inferior copies can come out as a Warped Gem, with a resonance that produces an adjacent effect, or in worse cases, an interference pattern with the opposite effect. Cursed items can originate in this way, if not intentionally evil.


Monster Creatii

Pure domain creatii drop from monsters and evil sentients. Energy from the Void mixes with the Creation energy into different domains.

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