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It is the era of airships! Airship travel and trade is the lifeblood of the Empire as water travel is long and dangerous. The mechanics of air travel are mysterious, known only to the Airship Consortium, who run and control all airship travel in the Empire. It is known that orichalcum is somehow involved and as such the mining of it is very profitable. The only known source of orichalcum is in the northern frozen tundra of Uruk. The House responsible for the mining of this mineral is assigned by the Emperor so it is in the best interest of the Houses of the Empire to be in the Emperor's good graces for the chance to be the sole proprietor of Uruk. The Airship Consortium may run the airships but it is the Merchant's Guild, a Union of various companies, that actually completes the trade possible from air travel. Thus each of these three entities, The Empero ...

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Ferrio Latrios
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