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  • Computer: Swapped for Enigmas (See Dark Eras); Max 2
  • Drive: Max 3; Applies to animal-powered vehicles; May not start with a specialty


  • Recommend against starting with merits which involve having or maintaining a social circle, such as Hobbyist Cliche or Professional Training

Merit Starting Limitations:

  • Alternate Identity: 0
  • Contacts: 0
  • Fame: 0
  • Mentor: Requires Justification
  • Resources: Max 2; Requires justification
  • Retainer: 0
  • Safe Place: 1
  • Staff: 0
  • Status: 1; Requires justification


  • Each player must provide a tarot to be associated with their character

Created by Kaosubaloo prije 3 mjeseca. Last modified by Kaosubaloo prije 2 mjeseca

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