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Whether one is discussing Waterdeep when it was the City of Splendors, before the Spellplague, or Waterdeepas it is known now – the Crown of the North – the Waterdhavian Watch have long stood in position to defend its streets. The Watch is a force of fighting men and women dedicated to seeing that peace is maintained, criminals are apprehended, its citizenry safe, and the city remains a good and prosperous place.

The Watch is sometimes confused with the Guard by outsiders, though the difference be- tween them is quite simple: where the Guard protects Waterdeep from threats outside the city, the Watch protects the city from those within it. Generally speaking, a veteran of the Watch has seen it all: rowdy adventurers, the sudden appear- ance of monsters in tavern or alley, spell-dueling wizards, spoiled drunken nobles with too much influence and coin to their name, brawling gang- land criminals – the list goes on.

It is generally agreed that they earned their reputation as hard-jawed protectors willing to face anything down, no matter how absurd, in the far-off days of the Time of Troubles, when deities and their servants came to blows between one another in the streets of Waterdeep. “Faced down the Skull, and did’na blink,” folk used to say of the Watch, referring to the time when the undead army of Myrkul attacked Waterdeep during the Time of Troubles, and the Watch turned out in force to hold them at bay.

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