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Gorehame's Exotic Animals

"Pet Shop and Monster Parts
Eyes peer out at you, glinting in myriad colors beneath a shadowed awning. The shop Massive tusks hang out into the street, acting as unmistakable signs for Gorehame’s Exotic Animals.

Gorehame is a retired hunter, having made a name for himself leading expeditions into the jungles of Chult. These days he’s more of a businessman, commissioning other hunters to bring back trophies and captured beasts.  
Rumor has it that House Phylund has it out for Gorehame, resenting even the small competition he represents.

Gorehame has commissioned seasoned hunters to track down and bring back a legendary beast (a red-skinned Froghemoth) from a deep swamp hidden within Kryptgarden.
House Phylund has caught wind of this, and plans to hire a party to kill the beast first, and they wouldn’t be saddened if Gorehame’s hunters met an unfortunate end along the way.
Slop Street, Adventurers' Quarter, South Ward West, South Ward"

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