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Essimuth's Equipment

The ground floor of this less-than-tidy two-story tenement contains an equipment shop, its wooden sign showing an armored knight walking doubled over with an overstuffed pack.

Inside, the shop is surprisingly organized and well kept. There are barrels and racks of nearly any conceivable piece of equipment usable by adventurers at reasonable prices, and a shop boy is always busy polishing and dusting.

People that shop here can expect great service in terms of Essimuth telling what’s available and how best to use it in the dungeons; of course, this is all tangled within somewhat long-winded stories of Essimuth’s adventuring days. Patrons who have stories to share (or care to listen to a few of Essimuth's) can except to receive special attentions (and newer merchandise) than those who don’t have the time for an old man’s tales, who tend to receive higher charges.

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