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Most RPG systems have progression systems - levels, experience, equipment, wealth, or many other variables. Because characters in Tales from Everwhere switch systems between adventures, we established a singlular means of character advancement: Tokens of Valor. Each session you play in awards you one Token, and these in turn serve as replacement for the various progression systems in each system.

Tokens of Valor have two uses:


Assets are system-specific upgrades to your character, that represent normal progression within the system. When you sign up to an adventure and create your character, you may purchase assets with a total value up to your current Token count; these tokens aren't gone or spent, merely alloted for the duration of the adventure - each adventure you join you get more Tokens, and thus more power!


If a Guide posts an adventure running D&D 5e using the following Asset list, a player signing up to play with 8 Tokens could take, for example, one Uncommon magic item, two Mundane items, and a point of Inspiration - in addition to the common starting equipment listed in the adventure's description.

2 Tokens - Inspiration
1 Token - Mundane or Common item
4 Tokens - Uncommon item
7 Tokens - Rare item
10 Tokens - Very rare item
5 Tokens - Half-feat (without ASI)
8 Tokens - Feat (excluding half-feats)

Other systems might have simpler Asset lists. For example a Pathfinder adventure might have an Asset list like this:

1 Token - +3% standard Wealth by Level

And a Shadowrun adventure could have

1 Token - 3 Karma and 3000¥


Boons are permanent alterations you make to your character, usually reflecting a major development in their story. Boons allow you to alter your Character Passport and make room for new themes to replace the old ones. Purchasing a Boon permanently expends the Tokens used.

The available Boons are:

  • Free - Rewrite an Aspect (Quest or Trouble, up to 1/adventure)
  • 1 Tokens - Rewrite a Power
  • 3 Tokens - Rewrite the High Concept (and rewrite up to one Power for free)

Example I

A character has a Quest "Find my lost wife" after losing her wife during the calamity. After many adventures throughout different worlds, she finally happens upon her wife - but finds her dead. The player feels that this is a major turning point for their character, so they take a Boon to rewrite their Quest Aspect to "I will avenge my wife's death". From now on this is the character's main motivation... at least until she gets her revenge and her Quest changes once again.

Example II

A character has a powerful weapon that he uses to channel his power, so he has a Power "Wielder of Mjolnir". At some point in his adventures, the hammer is destroyed, but through his grief he learns to channel his power through himself. The player deems this an important change in the characer, so they purchase a Boon to rewrite the Power to "Awesome lightning powers". Later on the character might get a new weapon, and that might prompt another Power change, if the player wishes.

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