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  1. Likovi

Svaknnur Grimmonggson

Kalvetian King


The king of Asobria's Kingdom of Kalvete and father of Princess Astri, who is lost in the multiverse. Svaknnur is experienced both in leadership and combat, and his exceptional strength and combat ability make him a force to be reckoned with. This strength has gone to his head, however, and underestimating his opponent or the journey ahead of him may very well be his downfall.


The realm of Asobria is one of many cultures and people. Magic flows throughout the world like water, although this magic led to catastrophic events in ancient days. These events, known as The Cataclysm, killed off the powerful Dragon race and affected the other peoples in ways irreversible. One of these peoples are the Kalvetians, a race with incredible physical strength found in the frigid north. The events of The Cataclysm led many to begin fending for themselves out of fear, and they became a barbaric, militaristic nation in a short time.

While modern Kalvetians have become more level-headed, they still retain their high strength and fighting spirit. They’ve formed a powerful kingdom which is currently ruled by Svaknnur the Fierce. Svaknnur has become an exceptional leader, experienced with working in teams and unrivaled in combat ability. Wielding the royal heirloom Myljal, a mighty warhammer forged in days long past, he defends his southern border from the Empire. His people also respect him as a father, as he raises his daughter Astri on his own, and the princess and future queen of Kalvete has taken after her father in the best ways possible.

After the multiverse began to collapse in on itself, disaster struck Asobria. The earth began to shake and multiple portals began to open to other realms. One of these portals opened within Svaknnur’s stronghold, taking his daughter Astri into it before closing. After leaving his duties in the hands of trusted officials, Svaknnur took it upon himself to traverse the countless realms in hopes of rescuing his daughter, and believes it will be an easy task for someone of his strength. Travellers who accompany him will find it difficult to earn his trust, and his pride just may be his downfall.

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