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Inside the strong walls and teeming defenses of First Landing is relative safety, but outside are great risks and great rewards. The first pages of the New World's History are being written now. Will you be its protagonist?

You'll start your journey in First Landing. From there, you'll take on quests, fight, explore, and acquire loot.

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The Iron Front

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Current Status: The tower is locked from inside, inaccessible without special means.

Related Quests: Exploration of the Spire Hills and the Onyx Tower, The Merger's Tower > Don't dragon fusion - open inside

The entrance

"(...) the Tower stood afore us: a monolith of solid marble, black and slightly weathered, that tore into the heavens above, while the eye of its telescope watch'd those same heavens. No noticeable cuts maim'd its surface - tis quite likely anoth'r work of magic. Surprisingly, t'was only a bit more than sixty-five feet tall, despite appearing truly colossal from such a close distance."

"The door open'd to a circular room, truly immaculate, with no cobwebs or dust in sight. Lanterns of blue flame, red carpets, a coat rack, a towering mirror, a wooden cylinder which holds staves, walking canes and umbrellas. Portraits of the 'Master' upon the walls; he is an ancient Elf, even for Elven standards, and alongside him art seemingly shown his best creations - a multitude of humanoid-animal hybrids, dressed in maid uniforms; an Owlbear in a large cage; a tiny fox which is coming out of a smoking pipe."

The observatory

"The last floor is an observatory, as predicted by the outside, and  does not have a single web, but there is a lot of dust.

On the opposite side of the stairs is a gigantic telescope pointed towards the sky. while the entire left half of the tower is painted to be an astral chart. The right side is instead decorated with a large painting depicting three elves, two of them younger than Lamwen Darr, who is portrayed with his pipefox familiar. One of the younger wizards wears a red robe and is covered in black tattoos, while the other is dressed in more military clothes and is sitting atop a horse. The nameplate of the picture is covered in dust and cannot be read.

There are various wooden tables in the room and onto them are astral navigation tools, alchemical materials, paper notes, a tea cup, and neatly folded clothes with a medallion on top."

"On the floor is described a very complex and moving magical circle, with a blackened disembodied elf heart floating in the middle, still pulsating.

And in front of you, on the other side of the room, is a huge machine, definitely not of elven crafting but instead bearing dwarven runes on it, shaped like a throne. And on this throne, is the perfectly preserved naked body of Lamwen Darr, the Merger."

- Djarrah

Note: The body of The Merger was retrieved and buried.

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