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PC Post - Magmyr Duladin


Location: Whiteview Fort


As much as he tried hiding it, she could see the weight leave Magmyr with her offer. "Alyndra... finally nice to put a face to names my Grandfather tells me about."  Extending his right arm for a formal Elf greeting. "Of course, your help is welcome." She grinned while meeting his greeting. "How much did my Grandfather tell you?" He asked.

"Not very much. Can only fit so much on those small notes. Besides, you have to protect information."

"That makes sense. Let me finish getting the last bit of supplies and I can tell you more on the way to the others."

She nodded and grabbed her things. It didn't take much longer to finish and loading up Rosie. Grabbing the lead, they headed out of the fort and made way towards the camp. Once out of ear shot, Magmyr filled Alyndra in on the details.

She listened intently, taking in every word her spoke. Occasionally, she would nod or ask a question to get more details. In the end, she nodded and smiled.

“A centaur. From Zifen himself. It is an amazing adventure and one I am glad to help with. If this child or something that she carries is this important, then we must get you to the Capital. There, someone will know more or where to guide you.”

They traveled the last of the distance in silence.

Orora was watching for Magmyr to return so they could get the camp packed and be ready to head out when he arrived. She saw him coming and he had a new companion. When Magmyr reached the camp, everyone was ready and he quickly made the introductions. Even Ciri had to come sniff and check out the new arrival. Growling first as she approached, but quickly changed her tune and wagged her tail. With a laugh, "I guess you passed the wolf test."

Alyndra smiled as she patted Ciri on the head.

  "Let's get this going." Magmyr said. "I really don't want to give them many more chances."

The group broke camp and were quickly on the move, this time, with Alyndra taking the lead. It took only a few minutes for Magmyr and Orora to realize that she was leading them back the way they had traveled only a short time before.

“Why do we retreat from where the Elven lands are?” Orora asked.

Alyndra looked back with a smile. “I’m willing to bet they are tracking you by magic. I have a few tricks to slow that and them if that is the case.”

Trusting her, Magmyr shrugged and nodded and Orora said no more. They walked until midmorning before their Elven guide turned northward. As they did, Magmyr looked back as he had an odd feelings and for a fleeting second, could swear he saw their group still walking down the path they had just turned from. He motioned to Orora who glanced but only shrugged as she saw nothing. He shook his head and they continued on until midday where they stopped for a rest and a quick meal.

“So,” Magmyr started to ask. “When we turned this was I thought I saw something that looked like…”

Alyndra laughed. “You saw a complex illusion. It’ll march until sunset, leaving tracks that anyone following us by magic will think is ours. That will give us a head start on these fiends searching for you all. By then, we should be only hours from the border. Once inside, things will be on our side and to our advantage for every creature in the area will hear of us and will become my eyes and ears. I will know of any ambushes or trackers on our trail.”

Magmyr nodded and they were soon on the move again. As night began to darkened the skies, Alyndra stopped the group. In the failing light, the faint outline of the great Lorienheim Forrest could be seen.

“I leave it to the two of you, but if we continue and push into the night, we will reach the sentry post I had hoped to enter at before dawn. Or we can camp and be there by midday. If we camp, the enemy will only be closer to us then if we move on tonight.”

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