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Bounty Board


The current listed bounties available at the Cloverhall. The Initiate and Claw bounties are posted on a bulletin board located on the first floor, while Pincer and Hook bounties are on the second floor. A third bounty board sits on the third floor, but is off limits to all but Hooks.


  • Help clear out the shed – 1 gold/day (standing contract)
  • Investigate/neutralize sentient tent in Scratchwood – 50 gold
  • Cull bullywugs in swamp – 2 gold per eye (standing contract)
  • Guard "eating contest" in the swamps - 100 gold


  • Collect slime from Fire Slugs – 20 gold per bottle
  • Root out agents of the Blinded Order - Variable Payout
  • Hunt the giant toad that’s been terrorizing the settlements around the swamps – 80 gold
  • Kill/exorcise the vrast that’s been venturing out of the Scratchwood – 120 gold
  • Find and capture bandit leader in Bumblycusp - 500 gold
  • Kill the recently crowned bullywug king – 300 gold
  • Investigate fraud scandal in Yattersby - 200 gold Claimed by Ayla
  • Retrieve disruptive artifact located in Dancing Peaks – 800 gold Claimed by the Cursebusters
  • Destroy pack of redhaunts, 350 gold
  • Neutralize spatial anomaly outside Yattersby – 600 gold
  • Rescue guild member outside Ouldsbell - 700 gold
  • Investigate possible undead presence – contact for details


  • Kill the mouther in the south, investigate origins, 1800 gold
  • Neutralize poisonous weirds popping up in the swamps 1500 gold - Claimed by Janis
  • Discover and neutralize source of Bumblycusp bandits, 2300 gold
  • Neutralize egomaniacal giant taking residence in western Dancing Peaks – 3000 gold
  • Arrest the armored knight blocking off the Stillpass and deliver to Bronze Aegis – 800 gold
  • Uncover ancient ruins – monthly payout Claimed by Rorug Fletsworn


  • Investigate possible trafficking Claimed by Darrod Lightvane
  • Destroy the shadow keep in the Scratchwood
  • Investigate a possible lich or demiurge in the Dancing Peaks

Completed Bounties (since 989)


  • Procure 30 claws from slaads in the Muckmeer - 300 gold Claimed by Venfa
  • Deliver bear claws and hide – 20 gold Claimed by Erdo Elfast
  • Urgent: Intercept a package containing a powerful artifact being held in Eldag Hollow – 700 gold – Claimed by Steve, Cora, Lambchop, Ilryn, Kel
  • Investigate missing traders near Eldag Hallow – 250 gold for information and evidence (valuable cargo) Claimed by Ayla
  • Escort a noble from Bucktuck to Nightrook – 50 gold Claimed by Venfa
  • Find son of Reedenford local – 20 gold Claimed by Mera


  • Route the bandits of Bumblycusp – 150 gold Claimed by Tamidilly and Erdo
  • Hunt down thief terrorizing Cliffs district in Bucktuck – 200 gold Claimed by Steve, Cora, Ilryn, Lambchop, Kel
  • Disperse large beetle infestation near Ouldbell - 150 gold Claimed by Venfa
  • Guard visiting diplomat in Bucktuck, 2 weeks – 400 gold – Claimed by Venfa
  • Discover who has been stealing from traders in Bucktuck – 250 gold Claimed by Ayla Raddock


  • Obtain untainted cacklerag venom – 250 gold a bottle Claimed by Janis Tannerson
  • Urgent: Disrupt summoning ritual near Haithe – Claimed by the Iron
  • Destroy the terrip in the mountains – 700 gold Claimed by the Iron
  • Fetch the eyes of a glathpeer 2000 gold Claimed by Janis
  • Destroy organized contingent of Green Hand beasts near Ouldbell – 2500 gold Claimed by the Iron

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