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The Free Lands is a collection of independent kingdoms in south-central Atavar. The kingdoms keep their independence by working together to ward off threats, historically refusing aid from kingdoms outside the borders of its river basin. Many of the continent's elven kingdoms are in the Free Lands.

Since roughly 910 IaC, the Sufessian Dominion was known for leading guerilla attacks against the kingdoms of the Free Lands in an attempt to seize their lands. In particular, the forests of Orglen were cut back greatly from their previous size by the forces of Sufessia. However, following the mysterious circumstances of the Shadow Wars, the Dominion began to scale back its attacks, and in recent years the front has been generally silent.


The wood elf kingdoms of Ethrel, Skiah and Rhybe are considered to lie within the Free Lands, in the northeastern forest of Orglen. Located just to the south is the dark elf kingdom of Lleth’adrezzar, a somewhat antagonistic force in the area.

In the center of the Free Lands lies the high elf kingdom of Ayvir, which is known for its breathtaking architecture and towering spires.

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