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Bucktuck City is a moderately sized city located in the province of Atherdale, and serves as its seat of power. The city is built in a lush valley next to the Attlerun, beginning at the river's edge and climbing up the valley's cliffside, with the higher reaches of the city carved into the cliff itself. It boasts a modest population of around 9000, and is the largest settlement within the province. The ruler of Atherdale, Lady Anise, governs the province from Bucktuck alongside her loyal silver knights, the Grey Wings.

Since around 985 IaC, the city has been addled with strange and malignant magic that negatively affects its citizens, manifesting in a number of ways. This has led to the city being known as the "Cursed City" by the people of Atherdale.


Bucktuck city functions as the seat of government and trade in Atherdale, where the largest number of merchants and lawmakers in the province gather. It additionally functions as a source of iron from the sprawling mines located within the cliffs near the city.

The city is built into the side of a tall cliff near the east end of the Attle River Valley, on the south side, right along the river itself. It is organized into multiple districts, but is geographically separated into a lower area near the river, an elevated area between the river and the cliffside, and a district directly built up the side of the cliff itself.

The Common Ward

Located on the lower eastern side of the city, the Common Ward is where most traders and travelers enter the city from, as the large East Gate leads into this district. The district is composed of an even mix of residential and commercial buildings along with a large number of taverns and inns to accommodate for incoming merchants. A dock here accepts trade ships that arrive from the Attlerun.

Gavilane District

Located in the lower middle area of the city, the Gavilane District functions as the locus of industry. Smiths, craftsmen, and the like ply their trade in this district. A large canal that runs down from the Stand is heavily utilized by the workers of the district before it runs out into the river.

The Huddle

Located on the lower western side of the town, the Huddle is a mostly residential area with a large number of small, stacked houses built closely together in claustrophobic alleys. The West Gate of the city is located at the edge of the Huddle, but is used far less frequently than the East Gate.

East Cliffs

An elevated district located south of and above the Common Ward. It functions as a residential area for the richer citizens of the city, composed of large stone houses spread out with plenty of room. A number of services that ordinary citizens might not be able to afford are located here. Looming over the East Gate, a large fort sits in the corner of the East Cliffs, watching over the path into town for threats. The southern reaches of the district slope upwards to meet the Climbing District.

West Cliffs

An elevated district located south of and above the Huddle. It is the least developed district of the city, and much of its area is filled with parks and empty lots. In the western corner of the district is a large fort that watches over the West Gate. The southern reaches of the district slope upwards to meet the Climbing District.

  • Nepoznato

Market Aisle

A long, sloped district that meets the Common Ward, Huddle and Gavilane District, providing a path up to the district located at higher elevations. The slanted streets of the Market Aisle are lined with stores and merchant tents, functioning as the trade nexus of the town. The southernmost reaches of the district curve violently upwards into the Climbing District.

The Stand

An elevated, circular district that lies in the center of town. Much of the city's governmental facilities and administrative institutions are located here, such as the Grey Tower and the College of Buckhold. Banks and places of worship are located in the Stand as well.

The Climbing District

An odd, vertical area carved directly into the cliffside. Most of the buildings jut outwards from the cliff but are mostly contained within it. scaffolding of stone and wood provides pathways between the buildings, and stair tunnels are built inside the cliffs that further connect the buildings. The network climbs up a ways until it becomes a simple staircase that leads to the top of the cliff, where a fortress watches over the valley.

The people of the Climbing District rarely make their way down to the town.

  • Nepoznato


The city of Bucktuck is built around mining the cliffs, fishing the river, and functioning as a trade nexus, engaging in business with the kingdom of Midradir and the next closest city, Nightrook. The people of Bucktuck are hardy and headstrong, built up by tough work and the invasions of raiders from the mountains. When not at work, much of the population is laid back and enjoys relaxing, though they are rather critical of outsiders.

Bucktuck is well known for their festivities during the Owlspring Festival, filling the streets with vendors, games, and contests as well as providing ample entertainment like a parade and acrobatic shows, all on the dime of the local nobility.


The vast majority of the city is composed of humans, though as with most places in the Empire, a fair number of tieflings call the city their home as well. The city of around 9,280 is around 86% human and 8% tiefling.


As of the mid 900s IaC, Bucktuck City has become increasingly hostile to the crown of the Kalhastian Empire and those that serve it, such as the Bronze Aegis. It is not uncommon to hold disdainful opinions of the monarch Arenora Valemoon, and most people holding powerful positions of government in the city are outspoken regarding this topic. 

Points of Interest

Grey Tower


Bucktuck is one of the oldest settlements in Kalhastian Atherdale, predated only by Nepoznato. It was founded around 279 by Lord Gavigan Atherson, who wished to have a grand capital for the province so that he would not be the laughing stock of the lords, due to his remote placement. After discovering the beauty of the Attlerun and its valley, Atherson commanded his men to create the city on the spot, and to “build into the cliff if you have to. I don’t care how you do it. This will be my home.” Workers labored for untold years to bring Atherson’s dreams to fruition, terraforming the land and leveling it off for building, while also chiseling out the side of the cliff. Lord Atherson did not live to see his dreams recognized, dying of Greenbloat in 288 before the construction was truly completed. His son, Gavishen Atherson, continued to oversee Bucktuck’s construction, naming it the capital in 291. Ever since, the lords of Atherdale have resided in Bucktuck City, in the central district of the Stand.

The Lady Anise Taranil came in to power around 971 IaC after the death of her father. Since being instated as the lord of the province, Lady Anise formed the Grey Wings and used them to supplant the Bronze Aegis as the protectors of the city.

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