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The Cloverhall is a guild hall located in Reedenford, acting as a branch of the Claw of Arali. It sits in the town square of Reedenford, and is central to its protection and specialized economy. The Cloverhall oversees guild operations in both Atherdale and the Scratchwood, but dire circumstances might call for members to journey through the Dancing Peaks on occasion.


The Cloverhall was once located in Bucktuck City, but was later moved to Reedenford after the town was established. The location was deemed more convenient for guild members as many of the bounties posted at the guild were from the rural areas of the province and Reedenford had a more centralized location. This move was met with resistance by some guild members who did not wish to live far from the city, but ultimately the decision was made in the interest of quickly addressing time-sensitive threats, so any dissenting voices were overruled.


The current manifestation of the Cloverhall has three stories, each with their own features and amenities. All three stories may be seen in a tiered fashion from the foyer, where a guild bounty board and the reception counter sit in front of the large main doors of the building. In addition, the hall has a rather spacious yarded area as well as a basement, which is used primarily for storage.


The foyer of the hall is wide and open; the bottom floor features a number of round tables with chairs situated around them, as well as a reception desk in the center just before the large double door entrance. A small bar sits near the back of the room on the left side, as does a claustrophobic stage. The bar is not well stocked. The walls are decorated with a multitude of trophies, rewards, and framed completed contracts. Around the base floor are a number of doors leading to various rooms, and behind the reception desk is a large bulletin board with currently standing contracts. The open ceiling of the foyer extends up to the second and third floors, connected by two staircases with centered, jutting wooden balconies. Each balcony contains some seats and a table, as well as its own bulletin board with specific contracts.


While the basement is primarily used for storage, there is a waste room as well as a small room that was once used for practicing alchemy. There is an escape tunnel that leads to a shack in the outskirts of town. There are two small, unused rooms in the basement. The basement is primarily accessed by a large spiral staircase accessible in one of the back rooms of the first floor.

Alchemy Room

Nestled away in the corner of the basement, there is a small, damp room that was once used by a former member of the guild as an alchemic station. There are a number of alchemical implements down here, such as bottles and burners, as well as a few filled vials of varying colors along the moldy shelves. A stereotypically large cauldron sits gathering dust in the corner of the room.

First Floor

The first floor contains a barracks for Initiates, located left of the main entrance, past the seating area near the guild bar. Rooms for Claws are to the right down a hallway, where the guild shop may be accessed when it is open. Each Claw room contains furniture for 2 individuals. In the foyer, the first floor contains the board for the respective groups, as well as the reception counter, a kitchen, and the butchery room. A small stable is also available on this level, as is the bath and an abandoned brewery.

Second Floor

The second floor contains individual rooms for the Pincers, as well as a small library which contains mostly specialized knowledge pertaining to harsh local environments, flora, and fauna. Also located on this floor is a well cared-for training room, a moderate stocked armory, and an equipment maintenance station, complete with a grinding stone and an anvil for straightening armor. There are 3 unused rooms on this floor, in addition to multiple empty bedrooms.

Third Floor

Off limits to any members who aren’t Hooks or higher. Contains an observatory, bedrooms, locked storage rooms, and a meeting room that has a crystal capable of connecting to other guilds, activated with an incantation. The structure of the guild hall visible from the outside would appear to indicate a number of rooms on this floor are unaccounted for by the testimonies of the Hooks that are allowed to set foot there.

Fourth Floor

On certain occasions, a pair of doors is visible from the central staircase on what appears to be a fourth floor; however, there is no path or staircase leading up to it. From the outside of the hall, no fourth floor is visible, and most of the time the area where the fourth floor appears seems to simply be wooden ceiling.


There is a small yard out back for any livestock from guild traders or traveling members, as well as a small garden that grows simple vegetables and fruits.


See Cloverhall Bounties.

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