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Reedenford is a small town located in the Atherdale province of the Kalhastian Empire that serves as both a rest stop for traders and travelers as well as the home of Cloverhall. Once a simple trade outpost built as a refuge from the swampy lands under the Bumblycusp, Reedenford has flourished into a proper town and the main point of civilization in northeastern Atherdale. The town has continued to expand as trade into the province has increased, becoming an important economic powerhouse in the region.


Reedenford was first founded as a simple outpost along the once slow-flowing Owlknot River. Traders to Bucktuck City from Nightrook had become more frequent, but the marshy lands just outside the Scratchwood gave even the heartiest caravans hardship as there was no place to rest. In addition, creatures from the forest and the Muckmeer Swamp were constant threats to traders, who needed a safe place to pause and gather themselves before crossing the river and continuing on to the city.

In Iron 589, a man by the name of Lucas Covel, who up until that point had been trading sheepskin between Nightrook and Burnrock, suddenly sold all his belongings for a cart full of wooden planks, making his way on his own through the Scratchwood and settling at a point just south of the forest along the river. Covel used half of his wood to build a giant deck on top of the marshy lands, afterwards fording the river to build another deck on the other side. Covel then submerged himself into the mud beneath the deck up to his head, where he remained until he died of disease in Iron 592. Many have speculated that Covel was possessed by some form of planesglint.

Traders began to use the decks as camp sites, and the low, slow moving waters became a favorable location to ford the river. Due to Covel's constant muttering of the beauty of the river's reeds, the location soon became known as Reedenford, and over the years, certain amenities and structures were built upon the decks, offering housing for weary travelers. Some took up residence on the decks and the surrounding areas, usually offering some kind of service to traders for a living.

In Iron 732, at the behest of Duke ====, work began across Atherdale to join the many mountain streams coming down from the Dancing Peaks into the Owlspring River. Over the years of this project, the river became deeper and faster flowing, and after the joining of the Yatter River, the west deck was all but destroyed as the powerful current cut into the land beneath it. Reedenford was no longer a suitable place to cross the river, and most had begun to use the Quagley Ferry to the south for this purpose; however, it remained an important stop for travelers, and with the powerful new river breathing life into the once unfarmable land, the town began to flourish as more began to settle there.

In Iron 987, Tunban Fetterly was named mayor of Reedenford by Lady Anise Taranil after the former mayor died of disease.


Reedenford is built upon mildly marsh-like land with wet soil, resulting from the flat lands around it and the slow spill of water that comes from the Bumblycusp. Efforts in the past to consolidate runoff from the Muckmeer Swamps have somewhat stabilized the condition of the soil and the humidity of the air, though it is still rather humid.

The town encompasses a rather small area, but is densely inhabited, with buildings and structures built in close proximity. Largely, the town is centered around the main road that runs alongside the river, which contains the majority of large businesses hoping to attract the attention of travelers. The town square contains a fountain that serves as the main source of clean water for the town, as well as administrative buildings and Cloverhall, the Claw of Arali headquarters for the province.

The town is surrounded by a low stone wall that demarcates its borders; as the town continues to expand, the stone walls are demolished and rebuilt.


The economy of Reedenford is largely supported by its various inns, who cater to the traders coming through the town on their way to Bucktuck City. Reedenford receives resources from surrounding settlements that are often supplied to traders that move them on to larger cities. Its primary exports are livestock and potatoes.


Reedenford is primarily governed by its standing mayor, which is elected by the current ruler of Atherdale. The mayor has the ability to enact new decrees and regulations that do not interfere with provincial, regional or national law; generally, this is relegated to the formation of new taxations or specific criminal law.

While the mayor has power over most things, judicial matters are carried out by the town council, which is comprised of various influential members of the community. While members of the council are technically chosen by the mayor, it is usually nominations by the townspeople that tends to enact their consideration for the position, generally confirmed by their popularity. The town council holds monthly hearings regarding ideas, complaints, and other such matters.


Reedenford is primarily guarded by a small detachment of the Bronze Aegis, as well as the members of Cloverhall, who are occasionally granted mayoral authority to enact the law.


Reedenford has an amicable relationship with Bucktuck City, as both are important to one another's economies. Government officials between the two locations are known to be close.

Reedenford has a positive relationship with the city of Nightrook, due to the number of traders that travel between the locations. The college of Nightrook is known to use Reedenford as a staging area for their surveys of ruins in the province.



The majority of the citizens of Reedenford are human, though the town sports a budding tiefling community. Gnomes can be spotted on occasion, but the majority of the town's diversity comes from the various traders passing through.

Most, if not all of the residents of Reedenford speak the common tongue.


Many of the residents of Reedenford do not center their lives around religion; that being said, the eminent religion is the worship of Fectovarano, which is primarily accomplished at the temple in town. Residents often make small offerings to the Allriver, asking him to keep the Owlspring River flowing with life to provide to the surrounding land.

Some residents worship Unavaranu as well, and the small pair of shrines in town sport the only public library for miles around. 

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