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Adalhast is a large port city and the capital of the Kalhastian Empire. It is a sprawling center of government and enterprise, acting as the heart of the entire empire. Aside from its importance in trade and administration, it is famous for being the home of the ancient bronze dragon Hashastel the Peacekeeper, who lays resting like a gigantic statue in the main city square.


While beautiful, Adalhast is a confusing and maze-like city that lacks any consistent organization. The city is split into 11 distinct wards, 7 within the city walls and 4 outside, with the delineations decided primarily by economic and geographic criteria rather than any purpose or focus of industry. The districts are as follows:

Urban Districts

  • Dragonperch
    • Located on the central western shore of the city, Dragonperch is the most populated district in Adalhast. Many of the most important structures are located in Dragonperch, where the sleeping dragon Hashastel rests in the Bronze Harbor.
  • Northwing
    • A slightly elevated area in the northwest that is covered in rough terrain and cliffsides. The great seeing Nepoznato is located here, and the royal Nepoznato lies between Northwing and Dragonperch, surrounded by fortifications. North of the castle is a small forest, the Nepoznato, which is forbidden to all but guests of the crown.
  • Ninecourt
    • A growing district located in the southwest that has become inundated with coin and new culture. Originally established as a residence for foreign diplomats, in recent years Ninecourt has become a nexus of trade and arts. The Nepoznato still sits at the center of Ninecourt, a hall for major nations of Atavar to meet on neutral ground. A beautiful spring flows from beneath the center of the court, spreading out throughout the district.
  • Arcshield
    • Located in the center of the city, Arcshield is an old district with beautiful but aging architecture. Its residents are fiercely proud and protective of Arcshield's traditions and endeavor to preserve them at every opportunity. The tower of the mage Rilbekk Tudefrodgaline is located here, as is Nepoznato,  once a royal castle that now serves as one of the original branches of the Claw of Arali.
  • Knight's Palm
    • Located in the north and northeast areas of the city, Knight's Palm is a primarily residential area, apart from the roads that come in from the city gates, which are full of taverns, shops, and other attractions. The headquarters for the Bronze Aegis, Nepoznato, is located here, as is the vigilant giant Nepoznato, who watches over the city and protects its borders.
  • Darkwell
    • A somewhat peculiar district located in the southeast, Darkwell is known to be the home of thieves and spies, but many good folk also make their homes in the Well due to the cheap housing. Darkwell's most glaring attribute is the massive chasm (known as the Well) located at its center that burrows deep into the ground; houses and establishments have been built on stilts and fortifications all the way down to a system of cave tunnels beneath the city. There are many rumors about what caused the Well to begin with, though most believe that Hashastel himself dug it to gain access to freshwater below.
  • Hawkin's Market
    • Located in the south, Hawkin's Market is a smaller, old district that is known for its many venues for entertainment. From historical taverns to gladiatorial rings, the Hawk provides more down-to-earth options for recreation than the turbulent and changing streets of Ninecourt. At night, the Hawk is generally filled with merrymaking patrons, and music flows through the streets as the beer flows into cups.

Suburban Districts

  • Cathercaine
    • A large shanty town located outside the eastern gate of the city populated primarily by peasantry. Crime is rampant, and patrols by the Bronze Aegis are common here. Cathercaine has attracted many scholars and clerics that wish to study the district as it generates new diseases at an alarming rate.
  • Toppletown
    • A scattered bunch of houses located among the rocky cliff sides north of the city. Content with the protection of the guard towers in the area, many people see fit to make their lives here despite the harsh landscape. Most who live here tend to make their livings within the city. The area is prone to localized earthquakes caused by a slumbering elemental, hence the name.
  • Twelvewagon
    • A settlement located in the southeast, along the river. As many merchants and travelers make their way through this area, small inns and services such as carpentry and smithing are available here at a cheaper price than you would find in the city.
  • Drownport
    • Located to the northwest, Drownport is a settlement that stretches across the shoreline that functions as a discount port town, for those that cannot afford the services and protection of the city harbors. While the travel and trade offered from Drownport is cheap, locals know that you get what you pay for.


Originally founded in the late years of the Broken Age, Adalhast was once a humble fishing village founded on the tip of the Slumbering Sea. Due to its natural resources and useful location, Adalhast went through a period of rapid growth following the unification of the early Kalhastian Empire. Adalhast became the empire's main nexus of trade both within the kingdom and with other nations, and was eventually named its capital.

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