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The Great Colossus is a titanic construct buried deep below the streets of Bucktuck City that was once a great weapon of war utilized during the Age of Dragons. The titan was apparently a creation of the rising gods that met the tyrant dragons in battle, but after the wars it was buried below the earth, never to be used again. The construct was then broken apart by the shifting rocks underground, rendering it useless.

The titan was discovered by the Ossuate in 982, and she began work to excavate the remains of the construct and attempt to rebuild it. Finding its inner workings too complex to comprehend, the Ossuate instead sought out the mending artifact at the bottom of the Tower of Startha in order to fix it. She intended to use the colossus to break open the Prison of the Chained Flame and free the Thousand King to usher in an area of chaos. 

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