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There is a great and final justice, supreme and absolute, and its name is my own.

Fectovarano, also known as Fecto, the Allriver, or the Deep Moon, is a god of life, law, courage, and water, as well as the god of the third moon, Fectovara. Fectovarano is widely considered be a protector of civilization, and his followers can be found in large numbers across the world. Fectovarano's myriad religions institutions, many of which are consolidated under the structure of the Church of Fectovarano, are pervasive throughout civilized societies in both following and political power.

Fectovarano's symbol is commonly depicted as a drop of water behind an outstretched hand, and he is often associated with the number 4 and the color blue. His siblings are Elevarani, Unavaranu, and Batrax. He is apparently good friends with the god Hatatch.



Most commonly Fectovarano was known to manifest as a giant of a man, around 15 feet tall, completely clad in shining silver plate armor with beautiful blue trimmings. Springs of water would form under his feet as he walked. At his discretion, he could change size and form to anything he desired. Often he took the form of an elk and roamed the forests of the world. Notably, when confronting entities that threatened him, he would become an enormous hand of water, and crush his foes into the ground.


Fectovarano is generally described as kind, selfless, and good-natured, but is also absolute. Fecto's low tolerance for any form of evil is famously noted in many religious texts. He is a firm believer in the power of law. While not a malicious god, he is occasionally spiteful of those that do not properly venerate or respect him.


Fectovarano is the embodiment of Lawful Good. He believes that a utopian society is achievable if people would band together as one society to smite evil. He wishes to propagate good in the world, and bind the forces of chaos. He directs his followers to be kind, helpful, and caring, but also to keep in line and respect rightful authority, as without law, there is discord.


Fectovarano readily enters agreements with mortals, generally with clerics and paladins, but has been known to grant power to all manners of individuals. In order to stay in his good graces, worshipers must act righteously and endeavor to see justice done. Those who dedicate their lives to justice are often rewarded with boons. In fact, the rigidity of the system in which Fecto provides magic and power is so consistent that scholars have identified that there are specific tiers that worshipers may attain as their devotion increases.


Alongside his sister Unavaranu, Fectovarano is one of the most widely worshiped gods in Hazeron. Most worshipers do so under the Church of Fectovarano, or one of its many sects. People from all walks of life worship Fectovarano, and often times those that do not pretend that they do, often to obscure their true religion and escape persecution.

In Atavar, worship of Fectovarano is mostly overseen by the Church of Fectovarano, a powerful organization them embodies Fecto's desire for law and hierarchy. While most of the sects of Atavar were originally independent, as of Iron 900, almost all religious institutions and religions of Fectovarano have been brought under the wing of the church. Among these are the Mending Palm and the Guiding Stream. The Church tolerates other methods of worship as long as the fundamental message of its institutions are preserved.


  • Justice is paramount. Endeavor to see it done.
  • Indulgence propagates chaos. Follow the rule of law.
  • Become the vessel of kindness. Assist those in need whenever possible.


Fectovarano has a few holidays associated with him:


Fectovarano's moon always moves linearly and consistently through the sky. Its positions and phases are extremely precise, and many people utilize it as their monthly calendar. Due to its consistency, Fectovara will never enter an eclipse. People are noticeably harder to kill on Fectovara full moons, and people are often filled with unnatural bravery. Many droughts have been ended on Fectovara full moons.

Notable Sects

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