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The Balancing Moon


From gods and kings to insects and dust, all are made equal upon the discretions of the great Balance.

Unavaranu, also known as Un or the Balancing Moon, is the god of the second moon, Unavara. Her domains are balance, knowledge, and lightning. Her symbol is commonly depicted as a tree with two equal sides. She is often associated with the number two and the colors green and yellow. Her siblings are Fectovarano, Elevarani, and Batrax.



Modern interactions with Unavaranu are rarely face-to-face; the highest scholar priests generally interact with her through writing and text. She has been said to appear in dreams as a set of endless bookshelves extending into oblivion on either side of the dreamer, with the books containing the information she wishes to impart.

Ancient depictions generally model her as a bald woman of perfect beauty and symmetry, with glowing eyes and flowing robes, holding a book in one hand and a bolt of lightning in the other. Often she is drawn sitting in a chair made of a still-living tree. Modern statues and icons of Unavaranu tend to mirror these depictions, though there have been no surviving accounts of her ever appearing this way in person.


Many outside of Unavaranu's circles of worship accuse her of being a strict god devoid of personality, though devoted worshipers might contradict this. Many close to the goddess believe her to be witty with a very subtle sense of humor, and cite their written correspondence with her as evidence.

Beliefs and Systems

Unavaranu's alignment is true neutral, through her followers need not be the same; Unavaranu's primary focus appears to be the accumulation of knowledge, and she offers her partnership to anyone that would assist her. It it unknown what Unavaranu does with all this collected research, but some conspirize that she uses it to gain an understanding of the world necessary to subtly influence it away from overt chaos or extreme rule of law, ultimately balancing it. However, there is not concrete evidence to support these claims.


As a moon god, Unavaranu possesses a significant amount of influence on the world, and offers great powers to those who offer her knowledge. Establishing a pact with Unavaranu is relatively straightforward, but may require time, devotion, and many gifts of information before she deems a creature worthy of cooperation. The fruits of this labor are well-documented, however, and may consist of other knowledge, power, magical inclinations (especially the power of lightning), or physical gifts, among other things.

It is important to note that all information given to Unavaranu should be accurate to the best of the supplicant's knowledge; should the goddess discover that she was fed patently false information by choice, she will smite the individual in question with a furious bolt of lightning.


Unavaranu is widely worshiped among scholars and adventurers, but people from all walks of life may devote themselves to Un, as she doesn't appear to discriminate based on anything but the quality of the knowledge they provide her. Many people will offer parting knowledge to Unavaranu even if they do not worship her exclusively, and the practice of doing so is often considered to bring luck and safety. Alongside her brother Fectorvarano, Unavaranu is one of the most widely worshiped gods in Hazeron.

There are a number of religious sects that worship Unavaranu. In western Atavar the Silver Eye is especially active, following a religious doctrine known as the 22 Tenets of Balance and focusing on the acquisition of lost knowledge. In Gessaria, organized worship of Unavaranu is primarily under the oversight of the Floating Leaf. The Librarians of Elath, active across the world, believe that all knowledge is sacred and establish great libraries of both the mundane and the extraordinary.


  • Seek new knowledge. Wherever a spark may be found, a current may form.
  • Watch, listen, understand, experiment, record.
  • Offer your findings to the goddess. The cycle will continue.


The movement of Unavara mediates between the position of Elevara and Fectovara in the sky. It will enter a full moon every 15 days. During Unavara full moons, people tend to become more talkative, persuasive, but also easier to convince in return. Mental faculties are generally increased. Scholars will often hold meetings on Unavara full moons as they are usually productive. Unavara full moons always fall on an Elevara full moon, which depending on the form Elevara is taking, can lead to increased productivity or further chaos.

Notable Sects

Notable Followers

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