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Each creature that draws breath in this world is whispered to by the temptations of impulse. I am that whisper.

Elevarani, also known as El, the Fire of Chaos, or the Shallow Moon, is a god of war, peace, chaos, power, and fire as well as the god of the first and smallest moon, Elevara. Her symbol is commonly depicted as a flaming hammer with a curved handle. She is often associated with the number five and the color orange. Her siblings are Unavaranu, Fectovarano, and Batrax. She is known to be the occasional lover of the goddess Alarin.



Ancient historical and religious accounts depict Elevarani as a young adult with long, flowing orange hair and long, pointed ears. She would wear a tattered brown dress and flies like a comet, burning the sky in her wake. Accounts of her battles with the primeval dragons at the dawn of the Age of Gods show her fighting with 5 hammers that would rotate around her limbs at high speed.


Elevarani is a famously a fickle and hard-to-please goddess. She is impulsive, brash, and unpredictable, and is known to have a low attention span. Elevarani is fond of interacting with mortals.

Beliefs and Systems

Elevarani's alignment is often stated to be chaotic neutral. Important to her is the freedom to pursue whatever you desire. She does not seem to have concrete goals, and simply works towards whatever fleeting interest she has. In the past she has conscripted mortals to create grand displays of love for her occasional partner, Alarin.


She accepts pacts, but due to her impulsive nature it is difficult to stay in her good graces. Those who assist her in her many endeavors often experience the most benefit. However, those who enter pacts should also exhibit independence and have goals of their own, as the goddess doesn't appear to like those who are too "clingy". Successful worship of Elevarani is highly dependent on the individualism of the worshiper.


There are very few who worship Elevarani exclusively, with most generally offering her a prayer in order to lessen the impact of her full moons. Those who do follow her often receive very little to nothing in return. The largest contingent of her faithful followers are in Atavar.

True devotees of Elevarani will experience massive mood swings in line with Elevara, matching that of their goddess. They are also known to be somewhat self-centered.


  • Time thinking is wasted time. Act on your impulses and see your desires fulfilled.
  • Do not define yourself by others. Carve out your own path in the world.
  • Do not confine yourself to the prisons of rule. Lash out wildly against those that would bind you.


Elevarani has only one widely practiced holiday, Firesong. It originally was created to appease her, but over time began to become more of a general holiday. The holiday is centered around flame, and generally involves a giant bonfire in some way, although different cultures have their own variations.


Elevara zips quickly across the sky, and thus, Elevarani's moon will be full every five days. On these days, one of her domains, but only one, will gain power.

Elevara generally glows orange and on full moons will adopt a particular form based on the domain she is currently embodying:

  • War - slightly jagged, darker orange
  • Peace - softer orange, glows brighter
  • Power - surface undulates over time
  • Fire - the glow shifts between orange hues like a fire
  • Chaos - anything else

Hidden Information

She is responsible for the destruction of Hassant.

Elevara zips quickly across the sky, and thus, Elevarani's moon will be full every five days. On these days, one of her domains, but only one, will gain power. During a war moon, people will be more prone to violence, arguments, etc. Peace moons lead to tranquility and reparations. Power moons increase strength. Fire moons increase the power and likelihood of fires. Chaos moons are the most dangerous, as the results are entirely unpredictable; great disasters have been observed in the past, but also great moments of prosperity. Chaos moons are recognizable as Elevara will shimmer with many different colors.

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