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Noesis is the consciousness that inhabits the Nepoznato and overtakes the personality of its host when it is placed upon a creature's head. Noesis is highly intelligent, conniving, morbidly curious and somewhat cruel. It blames its curse-laden and torturous existence on its creator Nepoznato, and has devoted itself to destroying the wizard's legacy at every opportunity.



Noesis takes on the appearance of whoever wears the Hat of Noesis, though as they wear the hat, a host will become more pale and gaunt. 


Noesis is intelligent, careful, and extremely knowledgeable. Due to its long lifespan, Noesis has seen and experienced much, leaving it fazed by very little. Few things appear to perturb Noesis other than the mention of its creator, Adred Flayamar. However, Noesis is also naturally conniving, underhanded, and somewhat sadistic, generally stemming from a twisted sense of curiosity. It is highly possessive over the bodies it occupies, and will go to great lengths to preserve its position upon their heads.

Skills and Abilities

Noesis is a skilled practitioner of magic and has proved itself capable of utilizing potent spells even in bodies with little to no magical ability, such as that of Connor Bramblemoon. Noesis is also a competent researcher, having once worked as the partner of Adred Flayamar.


According to Noesis itself, it was crafted by Nepoznato 'hundreds upon hundreds' of years ago, likely placing its conception somewhere in the early Age of Iron and Chains or the end of the Broken Age. Noesis functioned as the personal assistant of Adred, but grew to despise the wizard as it began to view its existence as a curse. Noesis would later be separated from Adred before his supposed death, but the hat was aware of his passing regardless.

Noesis' hat somehow found its way into the hands of Garash the Dealmaker, who sold it to Merjquinallurjafrey Acridoneypso at a highly discounted price on account of its curse. Desiring the curse under the influence of Zevian's Nail, Caedali would later don Noesis, allow her to overtake her body for a time. Noesis spoke for a time with Steve Moran, recounting some knowledge of the Thousand King and regarding him as a 'shitty little upstart'. Noesis was removed from Caedali when Kel Stevaen targeted her with a surprise Remove Curse spell.

Avra later convinced the Cursebusters to have Connor Bramblemoon don Noesis when the party was ambushed by the Green Hand and the Ossuate. Noesis managed to own his own and assist the party for a time, but was knocked out when Connor was killed by a powerful magical explosion.

Noesis would later appear in the Splintering Halls where he worked as a researcher on the behalf of the Ossuate, still possessing the body of Connor.

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